Do You Know Your Enemy? (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Sierra is not an average girl she is always bullied from 5 hot Football(Soccer) players named Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne.
She is a WallFlower, her best friends are in the popular group named Perrie Edwards (dating Zayn), Eleanor Calder (dating Louis) Danielle Peazer (dating Liam), Demi Lovato (Dating Niall) . That's why they make fun of her, nobody knows not even her family she keeps it secret cause she'll get into trouble. Her friends have caught there boyfriends bulling her but it never stops. On top of that she likes her bully Harry but nobody knows that. Do they stop bullying her? Does she still have friends? Does she fall in love with her bully Harry? Read more if you want to know what happens.


3. Sierra

*Skipping a few classes now where at lunch*

       After class was over Chloe and I went to the lunch room to find the girls tables to sit with them and their boyfriends Yeah for me at least they've stopped bulling me for now. As we walked over to the girls table someone came up behind me and scared the living crap out of me, it was El she was such a troublemaker it wasn't funny. We sat down just when most of the table showed up, the table was a long rectangle on the left side was El and Louis was a crossed from her, Perrie was next to El and Zayn was next to Louis, Dani was next to Perrie and Liam next to Zayn, Demi was by Dani and Niall was Liam, and I was next to Demi and Harry was a crossed from me and Chloe was by me. We ate lunch, they actually talked to me and it wasn't mean at all, Surprising. * Skipping the rest of the day* 

*Next Day (Saturday)* 

       Dani had called a group friend meeting just to like talk. We all went even Chloe , we met at Dani's house she came and picked everyone up in her parents SUV thing we blared Ed Sheeran the whole way to her house. As we got there, we went inside to it smelling it like cookies Dani told us her mom made us cookies, which was very nice of her we duh she has an amazing mom I don't, we went to her backyard to find 6 chairs in a circle around a fire pit(Like One Direction remember) we sat and just talked forever. Until we started to talk about boys...

 "I found someone I really like!" Chloe screeched Jesus she was really loud.

"Who is it? Do we know them? Tell me please!" El pleaded she really loves gossip.

"It's Michael Parsons! You should know him!! He gave me his number yesterday at school I could of fangirled right then and there epppp!" She screamed happily, everyone fangirled with her except for me I did scream but I stopped after everyone else started. Yeah i'm happy for her it's just everyone has a boyfriend or about to get one it's just not fair nobody likes me well Dani said that Harry liked me but I don't believe it at all. Dani looked over at me and looked sadly over to me cause she could tell I was upset.

"OMG That's amazing he has been staring at you almost everyday, lucky but I have a boyfriend so it doesn't matter." Perrie ranted, Dani looked over at me again with the same look and mouthed * we are going to talk in the bathroom*.

"Um... Sierra and I will get you guys some drinks and cookies, so we will be back!" Dani told everyone. She grabbed me and we went to the bathroom so none of them could here us.

"Sierra what's wrong?" Dani asked worried.

"Um... nothing Dani I promise." I mumbled softly.

"Stop lying to me Sierra I know your upset cause you can't get a boyfriend, well I'll help you get one who do you like?" Dani questioned me. I took a big gulp OMG I can't believe i'm telling her who I like gosh. I started to cry softly and whispered "My Bully Harry" really softly hoping she didn't hear me, but to my luck she heard.

"OMG that's so cute he likes you too ahhhhhhhh perfect couple!" Dani jumped in excitement and wiped my tears away and hugged me tightly.  



Heyy I hope you guys like my story I'll try to update every 2 days unless i'm busy. Byee I love you.


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