Do You Know Your Enemy? (Harry Styles Fanfic)

Sierra is not an average girl she is always bullied from 5 hot Football(Soccer) players named Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne.
She is a WallFlower, her best friends are in the popular group named Perrie Edwards (dating Zayn), Eleanor Calder (dating Louis) Danielle Peazer (dating Liam), Demi Lovato (Dating Niall) . That's why they make fun of her, nobody knows not even her family she keeps it secret cause she'll get into trouble. Her friends have caught there boyfriends bulling her but it never stops. On top of that she likes her bully Harry but nobody knows that. Do they stop bullying her? Does she still have friends? Does she fall in love with her bully Harry? Read more if you want to know what happens.


1. Sierra


    Today is the first day of High School, I sorta like school because I love seeing my best friends,Eleanor Calder she's dating Louis Tomlinson,Perrie Edwards she's dating Zayn Malik,Danielle Peazer she's dating Liam Payne,Demi Lovato she's dating Niall Horan and I don't like the 5 hot guys on the football team aka 4 of them are my friends boyfriends.Harry Styles is single every girl drools at him and begs to be his girlfriend,I really like him but him and his friends bully me. Call me fat, slut, whore, ugly, useless. I believe it all. I think my friends are only staying with me cause they feel bad because I have nobody at school. My friends don't sit by me cause their boyfriends say they'll capture the loser disease so I sit by myself with them occasionally looking my way with saddened eyes. I only have 3 classes with my friends and the other 5 I have with my bullies great! It's just lovely.

*First Day* 

          Right now i'm walking down to the local Starbucks to meet up with El, Perrie, Dani and Demi and get a drink then go to school. By the time I get there they have already got me a drink.

"Heyy Guys" I said 

"Your finally here your drink was going to get cold" Demi said.I bet she got it for me

"What do I owe you?" I asked all of them

"No it's okay we have it. Why were you late? Did your parents yell at you before you came here??" Demi quietly questioned. My friends are the only ones who knows my family problems.

"Yes they did," I Croaked El, Perrie, Dani and Demi looked at each other, smiled, and gave me a great big hug. I really needed this.

"Oh Zerra it'll be okay don't worry we will be here always" El whispered softly.

"I know but yourrr Bbboyfriendss don't llllike me. They don'tttt wantttt you guysss to hang out with meeee" I sobbed quietly. 

"Awwww don't cry we will get something worked out today, at lunch your sitting with us and i don't care what they think we will hit them if they say anything mean to you okay" Dani promised.

In my friend group Dani was like the mother of us all making sure we didn't do something stupid, Perrie was the oldest Demi was a teenager El was like a toddler and I was the baby who needed help all the time. I don't complain I love having some parental guardian Plus i am the littlest. The age group goes Dani is 16 almost 17 Perrie is 16 Demi is 15 almost 16 El is 15 she is almost 16 and I just turned 15 this summer were all in our sophomore year. After my crying episode and coffee we went off to school Aka hell for me. Today i'm siting with my friends and there boyfriends great this will not be good even though my family will stick up for me i'll get more harassed in the hallway. Once we got to school everyone stared at me cause I was hanging out with my friends, thank the lord I got lockers near my friends and not there boyfriends. As we walked we compared schedules we have 1st 4th 7th(aka lunch) and 8th period all together which is very weird and a very cool one anyway. We separated and went to homeroom and guess who's in my homeroom class it's .........(To be continued)

A/N who all likes my story yes i used my name but does that matter its my story i tried to do something different P.S. there not famous yet. I got some grammar help by She gave me very good advise I would put her name on movellas but idk what it is Sorry :P Her name is Sakura :)

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