The Revenge of the bite

Vampires, or werewolf? Which supernatural being is responsible for the death of a teen in this tragic story


1. Who did it?

I was running as fast as my legs would take me, my breaths coming out in short pants.
"You could never outrun me!" He taunted. I didn't waste my breath replying.
I slid around the corner of the block, the cool wintry night air blowing in my face. In a blink of an eye he was in front of me. I ran into him, and he held me there. I fought to get out of his grasp.
I heard a howl in the forest that ran on both sides of the street. Somewhere beyond that forest was the town that I was chased out of...Grandville. 
"Okay, okay! I'll make it quick1" My killer yelled in a gruff voice. I could tell he wasn't talking to me.
Before I could tell what was going on, my throat was on fire. i was bleeding fast.
I crumpled to the floor...and waited for death.

I was walking down the hall of Grandville High School, breathing in the crisp smell of hatred. Something about today was wrong. I could feel it in my bones. I brushed my dark brown hair out of my face. Louis, one of my best friends, was already at my locker. He looked at me though icy blue eyes.
My heart sank. Something was wrong. I shook my head, refusing to believe whatever Louis was about to tell me.
"Suzanna..." he said softly, addressing me by my name, "It's Isabel...she's dead."
"How do you know?" I immediately screeched, "How do you know she's not alive?"
"Zayn, your boyfriend, saw it happen."
"When?" I screamed.
"Not too long ago, he says that it happened during her free period," he muttered, looking down at me from his 5'10" height. 
Her free period...that was only two periods ago, two hours ago.
"How?" I whimpered. 
"I'm not sure. He didn't have time to explain. I didn't even hear this from him. Zayn went to Niall, and Niall came to me," Louis explained.
"Why didn't he automatically go to the teachers?" I snapped.
"He's a werewolf, they wouldn't listen to him. He had to find someone for him," Louis hissed.
"Niall is a vampire! He wouldn't be able to help!" I sniveled. Tears threatened to escape out of my eyes.
"Keep your voice down. Not everyone needs to know what they are. Zayn went to Niall because he thought that Niall killed her," mumbled Louis.
"She died of a vampire bite?" I cried.
"I don't know! All i know is that she died of loss of blood from a neck wound!" Louis hollered. I then realized how hard this was on him. He has been in love with Isabel forever, and right before he could work up the nerve to tell her she dies. I had to solve the mystery of her death, not only for myself, but for Louis too.
"Let's go talk to Niall," I said sternly. 
"He already told me everything he knew," Louis argued. He slumped against the lockers in defeat.
"Do you really believe that?" I countered. Eying him coldly, willing him not to give up just yet. I needed his help to solve this.
"Louis sighed and ran his fingers through his brown hair. "No...I don't."
I smiled, knowing that he wanted answers just as much as I did. "Where is he?" I asked.
"Niall should be in gym right now," Louis answered, eying my cautiously. He stopped leaning against his locker and brought himself to full height. 
I brushed past him and started to walk at a brisk pace towards the gym. I could feel Louis hot on my heels. when we arrived at our destination the class was playing basketball and the coach was carefully examining the court for fouls. 
"Um...we need Niall Horan to the principal's office." I shouted to be hard over the sound of shoes squeaking on the perfectly waxed floor and the dripples of the basketball.
"Kyle! Go in for Horan!" The coach roared in a hoarse voice.
A scrawny kid covered in acne got off of the metal bench and make his way across the shiny glossed floor and onto the court.
"Horan! You're going to the principal's office with Malcom!" 
I sighed...I really hated being addressed by my last name.
Niall looked at me with cold, dark eyes. I could tell that he knew I was lying about the principal's office wanting him. He started to walk towards me swiftly. 
I swallowed.
As soon as we were out of the gym Niall forced me into the wall.
"What do you want?" He snarled, his eyes tinting red.
"What happened to Isabel?" I asked. "Did you kill her?" I proclaimed in an accusing voice.
"Just because she had a hole in her neck with half of her blood gone does not mean that I did it!" He yelled back in defiance.
"Um, is it me, or does that just scream vampire bite?" I asked sarcastically.
"It does scream vampire, and the only vampire who goes to this school is you, Niall." Louis said sternly. He was standing right behind Niall in his khaki pants and blue shirt. It was a real contrast to the gold and red gym suit Niall was wearing.
Niall let go of me, and whipped around to face him. "Yeah, except for the fact that the hole in her neck was huge, it would totally be a vampire bite. Only a vampire who enjoyed seeing their victim suffer would do that. You know that I hate what I am, and what I have to do to stay alive. You know that I wouldn't hurt Isabel." Niall growled.
"You used to love it!" Louis countered. "You used to love seeing the pain and the fear in your victim's eyes, you told me yourself. You were a monster. How do we know you're not going back to that?" Louis stared deeply into Niall's eyes, there was no trace of fear in them, only hurt, sorrow, and revenge.
"I changed." Niall said firmly. Before turning to go back into the gym he turned towards me. "The bite looked more like a werewolf bite, and last time I checked, it's the werewolf who's determined to cover this all up."
He slammed the gym door shut behind him. It almost seemed impossible that the door would close with such a loud bang, his fingers barely grazed it.
"Where's Zayn?" I asked fearfully. Did my boyfriend, the one person I loved most in the world, kill one of my best friends?
"Let's go check in the locker rooms." Louis uttered. His gaze stayed glued to the floor and he avoided all eye contact with me. I started the fearful and deadly silent jog to the girl's locker room.
i slowed down as we aproached the door. "I can't do it..." I breathed. I was too frightened to open that door, way too frightened to acknowledge the fact that Zayn could be the killer.
Louis had no problems whatsoever. He burst into the door, and I followed behind him. The atmosphere changed automatically. It was dark and musty, and as the door slammed shut behind us, it was pitch black. 
"Zayn?" I called out fearfully. "Are you in here?" I clinged onto Louis's arm, and he started to walk around.
I hand, that most certaintly did not belong to Louis, touched my neck. I screamed and jerked around, trying to see through the darkness. My eyes adjusted a little and I was able to see a shape. It almost looked human, and it was only ten feet away from me. I scrambled back, but just as it appeared, it disappeared.
I screamed, "Zayn, I saw you now stop it!" 
His deep voice came from behind me. "I'm right here, what's going on?" He asked while putting his arms around me. I squirmed way from his touch.
"Where's Isabel?" I choked out, I refused to let my ears escape from my eyes. 'Did you kill her?"
"No, i didn't. You know I wouldn't. If anything, the bite resembled a vampire bite because of the loss of blood." Zayn mumbled into my ear. i moved away from him.
"The was so messy. Niall said only a werewolf would make that kind of bite." I said quietly. I continued to inch away from him.
"A werewolf wouldn't suck out the blood, so if it was a werewolf bite she would have been sitting in a pool of blood." Zayn growled, I could tell he was getting annoyed. "Did Niall mention hat the bite looked just like the one of a girl he murdered not too long ago?" 
Just then he heard a big bang coming from the corner of the locker rooms. I jumped two feet in the air, then realized it was probably a bag that dropped down ofrom the top of the lockers accidentally. I went back to the matter at hand. The bite on Isabel was identical to the bite on a girl Niall killed."
"What?" I gasped, clutching at my throat. "How would you know about that?" I asked.
"I was there when it happened, I was too late to do anything for her, after that Niall swore to never hurt another person like that ever again. I see he broke that promise." Zayn looked and soundered furious. In his jeans, grey shirt, and jersey jacket covered in grime.
"Why are you the one hiding the body then? Why are you the one covered in dirt?" I asked accusingly.
"Niall still hates what he is, he's not going to starve himself, but he's not going to try to stop himself from being killed. I don't mind that either. but since they wouldn' t know which one of us did it..." Zayn trailed off, waiting for me to finish.
"They'll just kill the both of you," I realized. There was a silence, and then another question popped into my head. "What was her name?" I asked.
"She went to this school." He explain.
"She went to this school?" Louis asked in complete shock. He was so quiet that I had forgotten he was there. "Why didn't anyone notice when she died?" 
"Niall chose to kill her because she was practically invisible, do either you remember a Rebecca L. Brown?" Zayn questioned. Louis and I stayed silent, truthfully, I had no idea who Rebecca was. "I didn't think so. She was involved in the school dance team, the cheer leading squad, and went to the mall almost every weekend in the hopes of being recognized there. She was practically the most involved person here and still, no one noticed her!"
I took a step back. I could tell that Zayn felt horrible about what happened. "So...what are you saying?" Louis challenged.
"I'm saying that if he did it once, he could do it again." Zayn muttered. "I think that he's changing back, and that's why he wouldn't care if he got killed. He knows what's happening to him and he wants it to stop." 
There was a high pitched scream. The sound of it was so full of agony and despare that I couldn't handle it. I put my hands up to my ears, looking around to find out where it was coming from.
"What's that noise?" I screeched. "Where is it coming from?" Zayn and Louis looked at me as if I was crazy. Did they not hear it? "Stop looking at me like that, stop judging me! You don't know me! Nobody knows me!" I blurted. Tears were running down my face. Where had that sentence came from? I didn't mean to say it. Why was I crying? Why did I feel so unheard inside?
"Savanna...are you alright?" Zayn asked quietly.
"Why do you care? You've never cared about me! All you cared about was your girlfriend, Savanna!" I wailed. Okay, now I knew for sure that it was not me controlling what was coming out of my mouth. 
"You are his girlfriend Savanna?" Louis sounded confused.
I shook my head, trying to shake off whatever was coming over me. It seemed to work because the next words I spoke wear my own, and I managed to stop sobbing. "Yeah, I know. I don't know what came over me, it was like I didn't have any control over what I was saying." I explained. I wiped the tears off my face.
"Are you sure you're alright?" Zayn asked, putting his hand on my forehead as if checking for a fever.
"Yeah, I am now..." I mumbled. I crossed my arms across my chest, trying to keep myself warm. it felt like the room dropped about twenty degrees. "Come on, Louis, it looks like we need to ask Niall a couple of more questions. then, I think we'll have our murderer." I turned around, and started to stagger towards the door. That whole episode earlier felt like it drained half of my life source, and I was exhausted. I almost fell, and louis caught my elbow to steady me.
"i think you should stay here with Zayn, you look really tired," Louis suggested.
"No, I need to talk to Niall, I need to find out what happened to Isabel." I went on, my eyes were drooping.
Why do I even care? She's dead now anyways.
No...I didn't think that. I didn't mean that. I closed my eyes, and sunk to the floor. Taking a few slow deep breaths I got back up to me feet. 
"Let's go," I said sternly. 
"Take care of her," I heard Zayn mutter under his breath to Louis, "She's acting a little...strange. If there's a supernatural reason why she is acting the way she is, I promise that I'll figure it out."
Louis nodded, and followed me out.
"I'm not crazy," I uttered. The bell rang, and Luois quickened his pace.
"We have to try to catch him before he gets to his next class." He shouted.
"Mr. Tomlinson, would you care to explain why you couldn't bother to show up for my history class?" Louis history teacher appeared out of literally no where.
I almost wanted to help, but I didn't want to end up in trouble. Louis was right about us only having a limited amount of time. i walked on, guitly leaving a flustered Louis with his furious history teacher. I looked around and finally spotted Niall.
"Hey!" I called out to him, "I'm not done talking to you.." I said a little bit more of a discreet manor. He sighed and rolled his yes, stopping in his tracks to allow me to catch up to him.
"What do you want? I answered your questions. If you came back to replace me as your boyfriend because you couldn't stand to be with a murderer like Zayn-" 
"Stop right there," I squealed, "I don't want you as a boyfriend. i didn't break up with Zayn becaus ehe isn't the one who did it. Can we talk somewhere more private?" 
"Unlike you, I choose not to ditch class."
I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms across my chest. "Look, I really don't have time for this. Zayn and Louis think I'm crazy, and I need to prove to them that I'm not!" Once again the room tempature dropped, and a wave sadness blew into me. "I need to prove that you're a murderer! I need to prove that I existed!" Tears welled up in my eyes, I shook them away and tried to clear my head. People were staring, I couldn't afford to lose control like that here. "Just, follow me" I muttered fiercely under my breath. I turned around and started to walk down the hall, never looking up or in front of me. I pushed open the exit doors, not turning back to see if Niall was behind me. After walking another ten feet, I turned around.
He was there, looking bewildered. "What did you mean, people have to know you existed?" He asked slowly.
"I don't know, that wasn't me!" I screamed. The feeling started to come back, but I shook it away. "I think I'm going crazy, not knowing who killed Isabel."
"Well, you already know it wasn't me," Niall uttered.
"All of the clues point back to you!" I exclaimed. I couldn't block off whatever possessed me. "Every bite, every fight, all of them point back to you!"
Niall looked at me fearfully. "What do you mean...every bite? As far as you know, there's only one bite."
"You know what I'm talking about. You know it's not Savanna talking to you right now," I sneered. I no longer had control of any part of my body. All I could do was sit back and watch what was happening.
Niall looked horrified. "It's you. Rebecca, you're the one who did this."
"That's right, it was me slamming all the doors after you, dropping stuff, possessing this poor girl's body, and most importantly, it was me killing all of those girls and blaming you for it." I laughed maniacally. 
"Why?" Niall wailed.
"You ended my life before I even got to start it." I spat at him, or should I say Rebecca in my body spat at him?
"You had no life! I can tell you right now that you were never going to have a life either! I did you a favor," He argued, dramatically swinging his arms about. I took a few steps closer to him.
"You had no way of knowing that. You made me suffer a slow death of knowing that my life, that no one ever gave me the chance to start, was over," She said furiously. "No one was going to miss Rebecca Brown! No one would care to go to my funeral!" My body kicked Niall in the gut with superhuman strength, and he fell back.
"What...what if I made a memorial for you, and the whole school showed up?" Niall stuttered. "Would you stop all of this?"
"Sure, I'll even bring all of those dead girls back to life. Just make sure everyone misses me, or I'll make sure no one ever misses you." I threatened.
"I will," He promised. Then the feeling escaped me and I crumpled to my knees.
"What happened?" I asked in a breathless voice.
"We are going to set up a memorial service for Rebecca," Niall said firmly, back to his usually cold and uncaring self. "If we do, we can bring Isabel back. Then we can stop this chain of dying girls."
I got back on my feet. "Let's do this."
We headed back into the school, setting out to set Rebecca at peace, and to bring back my best friend.

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