Secret Love

After 16 year old Bianca Styles moves in with her famouse brother, Harry Styles, Will she be able to control the love that she has for a certain black haired lad? Will she find out he also have feelings for her? Will they be able to keep their relationship a secret from the world or her brother will get in the way of everything?


5. Chapter 3

Bianca's P.O.V:

"And thats it! Dang sis you have lots of clothes," Harry said pretending to whipe a sweat from his forhead. I laughed and shrugged.

 " Well I am a girl" I said. He

We were just done unpacking one of my suitcases, since we will be staying in a hotel for 2 days. I figured whats the point of unpacking everything? I was honestly glad I was kicked out of school but then again i'm probobly not going to college. I is cool though. I always wanted to be an actress. People laugh in my face when I say that but I dont care.


"What do you want to do now?" Louis asked


Niall and I yelled "EAT!" at the same time. We looked at each other and bursted out laughing.


" AlrIght how about Bianca and I get some food" Zayn asked and butterflies erupted in my stomach.

" why dont we just order" Liam said

" Because Zayn said we needed more food because the kitchen was empty" Harry said. We all turned to see a blushing Niall. I got up and grabbed my jacket and slipped on my TOMS. Zayn did the same while I got in the car.


" So... Um how's life?" Zayn asked akwardley.


I shrugged " Well I just got kicked out of school and my mum is mad sonshe decided to send me to my super famouse brother who is touring with his bandmates around the world. I will probably get hate and death threats since there will be defenetly rumors saying i am going out with one of you guys. I had to leave my bestfriend back in the states and now i am in the car with the one and only Zayn Malik. So yeah that, its good, Fantastic!" I wasnt being sarcastic. I mean sure it was bad that mum was mad at me and I left my friends at home but ill see them Once the boys tour to the U.S.


"Oh that bad, huh" He asked staring at the road as he drove on a normal pace.


"No, I was just kidding I am in the U.K for crying out loud. I have always wanted to leave here and here I am. And I get  to see my friends when You guys go on tour in the U.S. So its all good in the neighborhood." I said chuckling. He laughed as well. "How is your life Rockstar?"


"Great actually, I am living the dream. I have always wanted brothers and now I have 4. I have people who admire me and I have the best girlfriends in the world." He said smiling widley. I was awing until he said the part of his girlfriend.


" Aww how sweet" i lied. I mean I didnt want him to think I was jelouse of him even though I was.


" I know. She is just so perfect the way sh-"

" We are here. Enough with the chit chat." I yelled cutting him off and running inside . I stopped once I was fully in and sihed. If i kept hearing him talk about her i was for sure going to yell to him to shut up. I walked into the cereals section and put in the cart cheerios cinnamon toast, oreos, and food like that. By the time I was done with that isle, Zayn walked in the store.


" Wow, you're slow as fudge!" I said laughing and walking over to the bread.


By the time we where done, the cart was full and we got more food we will need a second cart. We remembered that we needed some mac and cheese. Well I remembered, So we walked over there. It was too high for us to reach so Zayn decided to pick me up. I laughed when he picked me up by my sides. He tried again but couldnt because I didnt stop laughing so we just settled on him going on the floor and me standing on his back. I got 7 boxes and got off his back throwing them in the cart.


" You guys are such an adorable couple. Oh Mark, they reminde me of us when we where teenagers." An old lady said. We turned around and looked at them. Zayn was about to say something but the old man beat him to it.


" Indeed Clarissa. Oh, I just can see their future. they are going to get married and have kids then become old and still be in love."  The old man said. Zayn cleared his throat. i looked behind me and saw that he was angry but he was trying to hide it.


"Um no, we are not dating or will ever be. We are just friends, but um tahnk you for um that." He said. I looked down mentally telling myself not to cry. Once we paid for everything we started putting the food in the boot.  I got in the car angrily and slammed the door leaving a confused Zayn entering the car. He cleared his throat, turning off the radio.


I took off my toms and curled in my seat. Zayn turned on the radio and gave the 'what the f' look, but I ingnored it. The whole ride was silent, except for the radio playing stupid songs.


I knew you were trouble and I turned off the radio. Her annoying voice hurt my ears. Zayn chuckled and turned it on again. I pushed the off botton harshly and Zayn did the same and I had enough.


" WHAT THE HELL ZAYN, YOU KNOW I HATE HER!" I yelled but he seemed to find it hilarous. He was laughing sos hard, there were tears falling from his eyes. I was trying not to smile but I couldnt his laugh is so contagouis and so perfect.


We parked by the bus, but he locked the car before I had the chance to get out. " Why where you mad at me at the supermarket? Did I say something hurtful?"


Yes, I thought to myself. " No, it's just because..... Never mind it's stupid. Can we go, I am starving" I said making up a lie. I wasn´t hungry anyomre.


" Because what? We are not leaving until you tell me why." He said sternly. I sighed and slumped back in my chair. I burried my face in my hands and sighed again. " Is that I feel like I will never find love in my life." That wasn't completley a lie, I really thought I will never find love in my life.Zayn took my hands and placed them gently in my lap. He looked at me, my breath hitched in my throte because we were face to face. I looked down.


" Bianca look at me," He said lifting my chin so I was looking at him "You are a beautiful girl. So beautiful that people will kill to be with you. You are every guys dream. Never forget that." He whispered looking into my eyes.


I smiled lightly and looked down, then back up at him. It felt like we were staring at each other for like hours, but it was only for like three seconds.


He cupped my face with my hands, and looked down at my lips then at me. " You are so perfect." He whispered, his cool breath hitting my lips. I tried hard, with everything I had, not to crash my lips to his, but I couldn't because he was taken.


" Bianca.." He whispered again. Before I could respond he crashed his lips to mine



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