Secret Love

After 16 year old Bianca Styles moves in with her famouse brother, Harry Styles, Will she be able to control the love that she has for a certain black haired lad? Will she find out he also have feelings for her? Will they be able to keep their relationship a secret from the world or her brother will get in the way of everything?


3. Chapter 2

Bianca's P.O.V:

"Sorry we took so long to come here. There was traffic and fans wanted pictures and atougraphs." Harry exclaimed after he and the boys signed and took pictures with the fans in the airport. We were now in Niall's car and Niall was obviosley driving, Liam was in the pasangers sit, I was in the middle between Louis and Zayn and Harry was in the back with two suitcases since we ahd put the big ones in the boot.


"Its fine, I understand. What I dont get is why people ask me for my auotgraph. I mean you guys are the one with the talent and I am Harry's sister? Whatever.Hey can one of you lend me your phone to call Viv.?


"Whos Viv?" Liam asked. "Shes my best friend" I said. He nodded and handed me his phone.

I dialed her number then she picked up on the 5th ring. Maybe she thinks I am a creep trying to call her.

"Hello? Who is this?" She asked in a scared voice. .

"Its me Bianca."

"Oh hey:"

We talked until we got to the hotel. We said goodbye and I gave the phone back to Liam.

"Oh and you got a text. From Dannielle. It said, 'hey babe I miss you call me when you have thechance and then she put a smiley face." They boys laughed and Liam blushed and texted a reply.


We got out of the car and security immidiatly came by us. I noticed we where infront of a bus and  I guess it was their tour bus. "Wow" i said. Zayn smiled at me. My heart began to race. But the I remembered he has a girlfriend. Perrie. I think she hates me.


"which bed do you want?" Niall told me as we got in.

" That one." I said. He smiled and shrugged.

"Sorry love that one is mine unless you want to share it." He winked. I laughed and chose the one on the right.



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