The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


6. Chpater 6


      Its been 2 weeks since the "date". I haven't texted him. Since then. I walk to my room. I look at my phone. I see about 50 messages from Harry and a 5 calls from him. I can't handle this. I just went on a date with NIall. Well it wasn't a real date but oh well. I change into My Little Pony shirt and some short.I walk out of the house. I walk over to work. I like where I work. Its a store where they seel music stuuf and albums and stuff like that. I walk in. I see Jose. He's an awesome person. When there no one there we grab a mic start goofing around. When we clean we dance at the same time. Its fun. I go over to the back. I put my stuff in the locker. I walk out. I see Jose giving me a box of new albums. I roll my eyes.
"So how's Ana?" He asks as he gives me a snapback.
"She's good why you asking?" I ask.
"No reason." He says as he goes back to where he was before.
I start putting the albums in their place. I put my earphone in. I start listening to Come So Far from the Hairspray movie. I know that movie is so old but don't judge me. I putCher Lloyds album in thier place. I went on. I see the new Ablum that 1D just made. MIDNIGHT MEMORIES (I know that album doesn't come out until later butlets just say its out already.). I take off my head phones. I see Harry, Zayn, and Niall walk in. My eyes widen. I get on the floor. I see Jose standing in front of me. I look up at him. I crawl away. I really don't want them to see me. I sit next to a piano. I look and see if they're still here. Their gone. I smile a bit.
"Why are yo onthe floor?" I hear a voice. I look up and its Zayn.
"Shhh. I fell down." I say as rub my knee.
"Here let me help." He says as he picked me up.
No. No. No.No.No. I look away. I look behind him. I see Jose giving me strange look. I shrug. He sets me on a chair. I smile a bit. I see Harry and Niall coming over where I can. I grab the snapback and cover my face.
"Hey guys guess who I found here."Zayn said a happy voice.
"Who?" Harry asks.
"That girl that Niall's likes." Zayn says.
Niall jogs over to where I am. He removes the snapback. I smile.
"Hi." I say as look at the floor.
"Hi. Its been a long time." Niall says.
"Yea 2 weeks are very long." I said as I see Jose walk over to me.
"Well guys I have to get ot work. Your welcome and look around." I said as I walked away.
I grab another box. I walk back where I was before. I put the albums away. I try not to look at the guys. I put more albums away. I feel a hand on my arm. I turn around. I see Niall giving me the worried eyes. I look down at the ground. I turn back around. I was about to put a album away. I feel a pair of arms turning me around. I see Harry looking at me. I look around for Niall.
"You haven't answered my text massages or my calls." He says.
"Well I'm not your girlfriend. And I find it weird that your texting me." I say as I turn back around.
"Thats not a straight answer." He says as he grabs my arm.
"Let go of me."I say.
"Sorry." He says.
"Look I like Niall. I would like to be his girlfriend, But the thing is I don't him that well, his fans will hate me. I'm not ready to in a relationship. I have my studies and work. I want to finish college first. I'm sorry but studies come first." I said as I turn around and walked away. I walk to the back into the break room. I sit on the couch I take a deep breath. I shake my head. Did I just really say that? Did I just hurt his feelings? I walk back out. I see Harry talking to Zayn. I walk over to Jose.
"Hey whats going on?Do you know them?" He askes
"I don't know. And yes I do. Kinda. I went on a date with the blonde one." I said. "And also its my Lunch break. I'll see you when I come back."I said as I walked over to Zayn and the rest.
"Hey you guys wanna eat lunch with me?" I ask the guys.
"I'm not sure about that." Zaynsays.
"Why?" I ask.
"Well look over at the doors." Harry says.
I look over at the glass doors. I see a bunch of fans taking pictures. My god. This is bad.
"Do you guys have a back door?" They ask.
I shake me head.
~4 Hours later~
I check the clock its 6 in the afternoon.I haven't ate at all today. I lay on the floor. I can't take it. I need to eat and we need to close down. I stand up and grab my stuff from the locker room. I walk out and I see everyone looking at me. I take a deep breath in and I let it out. I open the door and I hear fans screaming. I close the door. I hope Jose pust lock. I walk through the crowd. I feel people pushing me. Next you know I was on the ground.
Old Elena's POV:
"Wait they kept pushing you and they puched you to the ground?" Alex asks.
"Yea the fans are crazy. To tell you the truth I remember people steping on me. So I had to crawl out of there." I said.
"Ok you can go on." Graie said.
"Right." I said as Kammy gave the kids garpes.
Young Elena's POV:

I feel people steping on me. I try to stand up but its to hard with all this people around. I wanted to cry. I hate small spaces. I hear some one yell out my name. I crawl out. I finally made it to the end. I run far from that place. I see a Burger King close by. I eneter and buy chicken nuggets and a number 2. Double whopper meal. Once I take the bus home. I walk home. My whole body hurts. I still feel the feet stepping on me. I walk in my house. I sit on the couch. I start to eat and starting watching Supernatural. I see Sam dying. I srat to cry. I hear the doorbell ring. I go over and open the door. I was attacked my a hug. I see Jose,Zayn, and Haryy looking at me. So that means Niall is hugging me. I hug back. He pulls away.
"You ok?" He asks.
"Yea. I'm fine. But my whole body hurts. Yea please don't tell that the fans are outside." I said as I look behind him. He shakes his head.
"Can I talk to you in private?" He askes.
Oh my. Did Harry tell him? Oh god.



(A/n: Hi um well i had nothing else to do today so ill just like to say if this chapter was horrible. I'm sorry I try my best. n if there any spelling mistakes im sorry )

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