The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


8. Chapter 8



~One Month Later~

Its been a month since I saw Niall. I got to say life hasn't be the same. It change. I don't know how but I haven't felt the same. Me and Ana don't talk that much. I got to work day school is the pain in the ass. Well school has been always like that. Jose is a pain in the ass now of days. I walk home. I see everyone wearing a shirt that says 5 Seconds Of Summer. Is that a show or something? A place? I walk to Bradford College. I enter my class. We're studying about World War 2. I sit next to a person in my class. I've seen him around. But I've never tried to talk to him.
"Hi." I said as I poke him to get him to turn around.
"Sorry I have a girlfriend." He says as he moved away. I look around feeling weird.
I get up and walk out. I feel like an outsider. I can't believe I'm by myself. I can't even talk to John anymore. He's to busy with his girlfriend. I lost all my friends. I walk in a Starbucks. I order black coffee. I walk out and walk toward a park. I sit on a bench. I see a prety girl sit next to me. I turn to her and smile.
"Hello Elena." The lady said.
I choke on my coffee. "How do you know my name?" I ask.
"Well its me Harry." The lady said.
"Umm. You need help." I said as I got up. The lady grabs my arm.
"I'm telling you the truth. I know that Niall kissed you at the mall." The lady said as she lets go of me.
"Yea everyone knows that." I said as walked away.
"Well I know that he tried to kiss you in your room." The lady said.
I stop right in my tracks. I turn around and I see the lady smiling. I wake over to her and sit next to her.
"How do you know that?" I ask.
"Because I'm Harry."The lady said as she showed me the paper necklace that he use to have. She removes the wig. Curles pop out of no where. I hug him. I push him away.
"How did you find me?" I ask him.
"Well I was passing by Starbucks and I saw you. Thank god the other guys didn't see you." He said as he stand up.
"Why you say that?" I ask.
"Well because they'll tell Niall. And right after you told him not to contact you. He hasn't been the Happy Care free Niall. Now he's sad Niall." He said as we walk away from the bench.
~Flashback At the mall a Month Ago~
I kiss back. Wait no. I push him away. I back up. I see John with a surprise face. I look back at Niall he comes a bit closer.
"Don't contact me ever again." I said as I walk away from Niall. I run outside. I hear John calling my name. I get to his car. He unlocks the car. I get in and waited for him to get in. When he gets inside. He looks over at me.
"Don't you dare ask right now.I'm not in the mood." I said.
He starts driving. I can't believe he just did that. And in front of everyone. I bet this will be in Tumblr.
~Flashback over~
"Well I'm sorry about that but I told you I didn't want to be in a realtionship." I said as I threw away my coffee.
"Well I didn't tell him." He said as he checked his make up.
I laugh at him.
"What?" He asks.
"Nothing. It just your acting like a real girl." I said as I look at him.
"Well if I need to act like woman so no fans crowd us." He said as he puts the mirror away.
I shake my head.
"Well I need to go. I'll text you. Also change my name on your phone. I don't want to start probelms with anyone in the band." I said I look at him.
"Sure what do you want your name to be?" He asks as he took out his phone.
"Versachi." I said as I walked away.
I hear my phone ring. I see a text 'Hey Versachi ~Haz xx' I laugh. We start texting. I finally have someone to talk to. We keep texting. I get a another text from a different number. 'I know your secret.'
Oh no.


(Sorry for any spelling mistakes. More chapters will come soon.)

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