The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


7. Chapter 7



        I nod. I take him to my room. I close the door behind me. I see him loking at my room. Thank god I put down my posters or he'll be making fun of me. I stand there weirdly. I play with my hands. He turns around. He walks over to me. He stands right in front of me. His face is about 5 away from my face. I try to back up but my back is on the wall. I look straight at his eyes. Those beauitful blue eyes. He leans in. I hear the door open.
"Hey Elen-a. Oh. I'll just go now." She says as she was about to close the door. He backs up. I open the door. I walk out. I see Ana, and the guys looking right at me. I look at the floor. I knew that Ana told them. Or they saw. I walk to the couch where my was at. I see all my food gone. I see soda cup full. I grab it and drink it. I feel a pair of eyes looking at me. I turn around and I see all of them turn away. I blink 2 times. I see Niall telling the guys something. They wave good bye except Niall. He couldn't look at me. I turn around. Jose just stands there looking at Ana.
"Ok. Now Ana Jose over here like you and he wants to go on a date with you now. You go on your date right now." I say as I push them out. I close the door behind them. I walk back to my couch and watch Supernatural. I try to watch it but I can't stop thinking about Niall and what he was about to do. I wanted to feel those lips but I can't. Work and studies comes first. I feel a few tear run my cheeks. NO no. I wipe the tears away. No crying you don't really like him. Stop. More tears run down my cheeks. I turn off the TV. And go to my room. I go to bed. I go to sleep.
~Next Day~

        I wake up and I change into something nice. I walk around the mall with John. Me and him need to catch up. We go shopping for some new cloths for him. He hates shopping but he needs new cloths. We walk in to a top shop. I get about 5 shirts.  He pays them. Next we walk to Macy's. I go to the make up section. I need a new eye liner,mascra,blush.. well I mostly need everything. I look around. I see the new One Direction perfume. I walk pass it. I go over to the cloths section. I grab 3 pairs of jeans,shorts,crop tops,and shirts. I pay for my stuff. I wait for John. I look at my phone. I hear some girl talking about Justin Bieberand how spit on a fan. Wow. John finially comes out. He's smiling. I give him a weird look.
"Why are you smiling like that?" I ask him.
  "Well. This girl just gave me her number and she's really pretty." He says as he showes me the little piece paper. I roll my eyes at him. We walk over to the book store. I've been planning to but the Percy Jackson's books. I fianlly found them. I grab and I buy them. These books are awesome. I see John talking to a girl. I grab him arm and pull him away from her.
"Can you stop sucking every girl you see." I said as we walked away from the girl.
  "Ok thats not true. Wait. Wait. I see what's going on here. Your jealous." He says as he crosses his arms.
    I shake my head. I start walking to the Vans store. I see a huge crowd there. Oh no not again. I turn around. I start walking to DB shoes. I walk in. I see John texting. I walk around look at the shoes. They all look do pretty. I see some glittery pumps. I wanted those shoes. But I already waisted a lot of money. I walk out. I start going down the  elevator. I walk out. I look at the floor the I look back up. I see Niall in front of me. I look around me I a whole circle surrounding me. I look back at Niall. He walks over to me. He puts his hands on my cheek and pull my face towards his. I feel a pair of lips on mine. His lips are in mine. HIS LIPS ARE ON MINE!!!! We're in a mall and he's doing in FRONT OF ALL THESE PEOPLE! Is this really happening? 


(Hey i'm sorry if this sucks.)

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