The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


5. Chapter 5


      I glare at Ana. I can't believe she just did that. I didn't have his number. He didn't give it to me. How could she get his number? I look at my phone and back up at her.
"How did you get his number?" I ask.
"I'll tell you right after you get changed." She says as she walked over to her closet.
I walked to the bathroom and change into a red dress and black pumps. I walk out. I look at myself through my
life size mirror. I gotta say I look pretty nice.
"Now tell me how did you get his number? And why did you say yes of me going to the date. I already said no." I say as I did my hair.
"Ok first of all I went on your twitter and sent him a message. And second of all you need to get a love life right John?" She said as she turned to John.
"Well it's her life. And she doesn't even know this guy." He said with a weird voice.
" Yea but u I just her to be happy. And she does know this guy. She likes his music remember and she freaked out when she got the One Direction tickets. SO HA!" She says as she pointed at me.
I rolled my eyes. I grab my phone and texted him. 'Hey.Um ok pick me up at the park close to the ice skaing rink in an hour.' I sent the message. I look at my phone its 6:15 P.M. I grab my purse. I out my phone in there. I walked. I start walking to the park. I look down at my feet. ARE YOU SERIOUS! I forgot to shave... This is going out great for me. Can this day get any worse? I walk past a Walgreens. I enter and buy a Venus shaver, shaving cream, water bottle, and Johnson's baby lotion. I pay for the items. I finally get to the park. I sit on the bench. I take out the shaver and the shaving cream and the water bottle. I take off my shoes. I begin to shave my legs. I finish with on leg and I start with the other. I finish shaving. I put lotion on. I put hte items in the beg and stuff it in the purse. I wait. I look at my watch it's 7. I start playing on the playground. I go down the slide. I go down the slide again about 15 more times. I check my phone, 7:55. I get on the swing,monkey bars, and the woshy thing. I check my phone again. 8:45. I grab my purse and start walking back home. Right when I was about to cross the street, a car stops on a puddle of water. When the light turnes green the car speed away spalishing the water all over me. I'm soak and wet. I cross the road mad. One of my heels breaks. I take it off pissed off. I hear a honk behind me. I turn around. There he is. He gets out of the car and Pressed his lips together. He opens the door to his car. I get in. He walks back to his side of the car. He gets in and drives to a house. He turns off the car. He gets out and walks over to my side and opens the door for me. I get out. He closes the door behind me. He leads me to the door. He opens the door and walks in. I walk in close the door behind me. His house is HUGE! I see him bring me some cloths.
"Here these are some of my cloths. I'll put your cloths to dry." He syas as he leads me to a bath room. I strip out of my cloths. I change into his cloths. I wash my makeup off. I walk out and I find him in his sweats and a gray shirt. I give him my cloths. I look my broke heel. I see a guper glue stick right in my face. I grab it and I walk over to a couch I just saw. I sit down and put glue on it. I stick the broken thing on it. I wait 5 minutes and I check it out. I put it on and checked it out. Its back to normal. I put the shoe on the floor. I pull my legs up to my chest. I look around the house. I see a picture of 1D when they first became famous. And another picture of them on the x factor.
" I miss those times." I jump a bit. I look right at him. I stay quiet. "I'm sorry that I came late. The boys helped me with my outfit." He says as he sat down.
I look around again.
"I understand if your mad."He says with a sad voice.
"I'm not mad." I finally say,"Its just my friend wanted me to go on this date. She wanted it to be perfect. Well she may or may not said it but I can tell by her eyes." I say as I look down at my legs.
"Well we can still make it perfect." He says as he stands.
"How can we do that?"I ask.
He walks over to a closet and grabs something. He pulls out pillows and blanckets and pillows, he walks away. I just wait there quietly. I see blankets,food,and movies in front of me. I look up at him. He gives me a pillow and a blanket. He turns on the TV and he puts a movie in. He sits across from me and opens a big bag of chips. We start watching Shark Night. I ate some his chips. When the movie ends. I look at him. He puts in a show called Supernatural. We start watching it at first I thought it was going to be boring. But it ends up being really good. They guys Dean and Sam were hot. I went on twitter and followed. All the episde were scary but the one with the water problem one got me scared. Now I'm never going to take a bath again. Everytime something pops out I jump and scream a bit. We kept watching. We end up on season 4. I check the time on my phone. I see it's 3 in the morning. I look over at Niall. I see him looking at me. I stand up and walked to the bathroom I changed in. I walk in and put lock on the door. I look at myself through the mirror I see my curls gone. I put my hair in a bun. I open the door.
"BOOO!" Someone yelled as I jumped.
The lights went on. I see 4 guys in Niall's house. I just stare at them. They're laughing really hard.
"Laugh all you want buy karma is coming for you guys. Watch." I said as I walked back to the couch.
"I should get going my friend must be worried." I said as I folded my blanket and threw my trash away.
"Oh yea of course." He said as he grabs my dress and shoes. I grab my purse. He hands them to me. I smile a bit. I walk to the front door.
"Could I have money to catch the bus? I'll pay you back." I said as I turned around. Harry gave $20. I walk out. I put my shoes back on. I hope the don't break. I walk to a bus stop and waited for it. I looked through my phone. I look up and see a bus. I get on. I think of all the stuff me and Niall did. I smile. I look up and I see my street. I get off and walk tot my house. I get on the porch. I see Ana and John wait.
"Hey guys." I said as I opened the door. I walk tot my room.
"So you and Niall di-"
"No we didn't. Our date wasn't fancy anymore. He was in a tux then into some pj's." I said as I put mystuff on the floor.
"Tell me everything." She said as she sat on the bed. I look at John he looked a bit mad.
"Well." I said. I begin to tell them everything. When I finished she was smiling and giggling.
"Wow. You had a blast." John said with a kinda mad voice.
Ignore it. I walk to my closet and change into shorts and his shirt. I look at my phone and see a text from a random number. 'Niall can't stop talking about you :) Haz x' I smile. I replied. 'Well thats nice. How did you get my number?' I send the message. 'So whens our second date?~Ni xx' Niall texted. Oh My. I blush. 'He really like you.Do you like him back? Haz xx'
What should I say?


(A/N: Hello who ever is reading this ok I would just like to say this is my first time typing a story on movella and its really different from the other web sites I type on. But I would like to say is that I won't be updating every single but I'll try. I will. Also thanks for reading this story and I'm sorry if this was a short chapter. )

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