The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


49. Chapter 49

Old Elena POV:

They wiped their tears away. I wipe my tears away. They get up and hug me. Their was a knock. We look up. Their father came. They run to him. And tried to explain the story to him. His wife was behind him. Giving them a confused look. There was an old lady behind her. She walked over to me.

"Hello Elena. Remember me? Amy? Amy Green?" The old lady said.

The kids gasped. I smiled. I walked over to her. We hugged.

"Who knew that my daughter would marry your son." Amy chuckled.

"Come on let's go talk." I said.

We walked to the backyard. We sit on the swing bench. We sat there quietly. We just looked at the backyard.

"How are you Elena?" She asked.

"Good and you?" I asked.

"Pretty good. Except that I'm old and wrinkly." She joked.

We both laughed.

"Ditto." I said.

We both laughed again.

I look towards the house. The kids were on the glass door watching us. I poked Amy. I pointed towards the door. She turned her head. She laughed. The kids ran and hid from Amy. They peeked through the window in the kitchen. I waved at them. They away. We both laughed.

"I told them." I said as I turned to Amy.

"About 'him'?" She asked.

I nod my head.

"Now I just have to tell Niall Jr." I said as looked toward the yard.

"He deserves to know. Its not fair." He said.

"I know but I'm just afraid how he'll react. Will he hate me or will he love me? It's just killing me. I always wanted to tell him but I never had the guts." I said.

"I'll be there for you. Since your my daughter's mother-in-law." She said as she rubbed my arm.

"So our kids got married to each other. It's a small world don't you think?" I said as I look at her.

"Yea. It's a really small world. I saw Ben the other day. He looks pretty good. Healthy and good." Amy said.

"Hey didn't mean to bother you guys with your conversation. But we got to take her back home. By the way I'm glad that you finally met." Niall Jr. said.

"Oh honey I already-"

"I'm glad we met also." Amy said as she covered my mouth. "Now I can come here and hang out with an old lady like me." Amy said as she took her hand off my mouth.

I nod my head.

We walked back inside. The kids ran to her and hugged her. She smiled.

"I didn't think you were Amy Green. This is awesome. Now we can get it from your point of view." Jenna said.

"Well I changed my last name for my husband. May he rest in peace." She said as she looked down at her ring.

The kids ran up the stairs.

I stand there next to Niall and his wife. I look at her. I remember seeing her in a plastic box. I smile at her. She looks at me and smiles. I look at Amy. We both smile. The kids ran down the staircase with their suitcases. They all hugged me before they left. I walk them to the car. Kammy stayed by my side. I rub her arms. The kids put their stuff in the trunk. Amy and her daughter talked. Amy took out her suitcase. the kids gave her an odd look. She walked inside and and came back out. The kids got in a group and talked.

"I bet their planning a horrible plan on our way back home." Michelle joked. She looked at me. She smiled.

She walked over to me. She hugged me. She thank me. She lets me go. She goes to her mother and hugs her. Then did the same to her eldest child. Niall called the kids. Michelle waved goodbye and got in the car. The kids stood up straight and looked at me. They walked over in a straight line. Gracie had something behind her back. They stood in front of me. Gracie held out an envelope. I look at it. I open it. I see a drawing of me and Niall. I look at Gracie she had a smile on her face. Jenna came next. I open her's too. I see a amazing drawing of Niall resting his forehead on mine and his hand on my cheek with our eyes closed. I smile her. Alex came last. I opened his. I see my vows with Niall in cursive and a drawing of wedding rings intertwined Niall and I name on them. I see another paper. I see drawing of important events that happened with Niall and I. I see the tour bus with Niall and I talking, When we first had our kiss, When we said our vows. At the bottom of the page, I see in big letters 'To The Moon And Back'. I grab Alex. I hug him. I pull the rest of them in for a big hug. Niall came out. He smiled. They let go of me. They all said goodbye. They get in the car. I stand next to Kammy and Amy. The car started. The white car started to drive away. The kids look back and waved good bye. I wave back.

We walk inside. I grab photo frames. I place the drawing and the letter in them. I smile at them. I turn around I see Amy looking at the album. She looks at the one we took at the wedding. I sit next to her. Kammy comes in with tea and cookies. I thank her. I look at that photo. I look at the way I looked into Niall's eyes. And everyone else just looking into the camera. I get up and walk to my room. I close the door. I lift up my shirt. I see the faded tattoo on my rib cage. 'To The Moon And Back'. A small smile appeared on my face. I see Amy leaning on the door way. She walks in.

"You know the last I was in this room we had a ...yea that. Your room hasn't changed at all. Did Ben sleep on this bed?" Amy asked.

"You nasty girl. And yes he has. Because he's my husband." I told her.

"Oh yea. I forgot. I'm getting old and I can;t remember that much. But things in the past I can remember. Odd I know. But its life." Amy said.

We both sat on the bed. I laid down. She did the same. Our legs hanging at the end of the bed.

"When are you going to tell him?" Amy asked.

"I don't know." I said.

"Its Now or Never." She said.


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