The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


45. Chapter 45

I sit up as I listen to Niall singing. I smile. I change into the cloths I was in before. I look back at him. I get on the bed. I kiss him. He flips. He's on top. I laugh. He leans down and kisses me. I smile. He pulls away. He gets off and changes. I get off of the bed. As he puts his shirt on. I walk out. I hear him running after me. I try to run faster. He picks me up and throws me over his shoulder. I giggle. He slaps my butt. I slap his back. We both walk in. All we hear is the boys screaming. He puts me down. We run to the noise. All see is the boys play fighting. I see Harry carrying my son as the little laughs. Niall joins in. I see Amy leaving. I walk towards her. She backs up. I take a step forward. She drops her stuff. I hear Ana an John running in. Ana gets behind me.

"I heard what happen. I'll back you up." She said out of breath.

"No its fine. All I wanted is to talk to her." I said.

My son's laughing caught her attention.

"I'll be other there. I'm just a scream away." She said as she ran to my son.

I told Amy to follow me. We walk out side. We both sit at a top of the tree house. She moves away from me. We just sat there quietly.She opened her mouth to say something. But she closed her mouth. I took a deep breath. I look at her.

"I lost a child before this kid." I said as I look up.

"I..I...I'm sorry to hear that." she said as she slowly put her hand on my shoulder.

"I would say its okay. But I'll be lying. Look Amy. When you first came I thought it was day. I felt like you were trying to make Niall to go back to you." I whispered.

"No. I would never do that. Well at first yea. But I saw the way Niall looked at you. And I started to back away. He really loves you. And I would hate myself if I took something that wasn't mine. I would be mad if someone tried to my daughter away from me." She said as she showed me a picture of her daughter.

"She's beautiful." I said.

"Her name is Michelle. I got her 3 months ago. Her real mother gave her up to me. She didn't want her. She wanted Michelle to have a better life. Michelle was born with a hole in her heart. But now she's fine." She said as she puts her phone away.

"Wait. I met the mother. She was worried. We both cried together." I laughed.

"Oh well I send her mother photos every week." She says as she walked down.

"Can I ask you something?" I asked.

"Sure." she said as she helped me down.

"Have you ever met Holly?" I asked her.

"Yea. She's crazy." She said as she looked at me.

We both laughed. As we walk to the house. We just talked about Holly. Ana ran outside. She was ready to hit Amy. But she saw us laughing. She calmed down a bit. Niall came out holding Baby Niall. I smiled at them. The rest of the guys came out. I walk over to the Niall's I kissed them. We all walked inside. We just talked about random stuff. Ana asked if she can take my son for a sleep over at her house. I agreed. She got all the stuff she needed. Her and John left. The girls came in with shopping bags. I went to the kitchen and get us beers and myself water. We all just sat around the living room. I looked at Amy. I got her phone and typed something. I gave back the phone. Her eyes widen. This was on my bucket list. We both walked to the middle of the floor. We sat down and waited for a minute. As we waited the guys just talked about a tour that might happen at the end of the year. They all just talked. I look at Amy. I nod my head. We both sat on our knees. I grabbed Amy's face and pulled it to me. I pressed my lips on hers. All the voices around us went quiet. Our lips moved perfectly together. We finally pulled away. I smile at her. I walk back to Niall. I saw the guys blushing. They all had pillows on their laps. I just laughed.

"Lets play truth or dare." I said.

They all agreed. They sat down on the floor. They still had pillows on their laps. We started the game. We all started out safe. Until it came to me.

"Elena truth or dar-"

"Dare." I interrupted Louis.

"I dare you to kiss the person that you had feelings before you were with Niall." Louis said.

I kiss Niall before I got up. I stand in the middle. I walk over to the boys. I sit in front of them. I grab Louis' shirt. I look back at Eleanor asking for permission. She nods. I lean in. Our lips meet. We both move our lips together. I heard all the guys and girls laughing. Louis puts his hands on my lower back and one on my face he sets me down on the floor. They all gasped. I pull on Louis' hair. We pull away. I look up at Louis. He smiles. I kiss his cheek. I go over to Niall. I sit on his lap. Everyone got up starts leaving.

Niall starts cleaning up. I take Amy up stairs. We both changed into our outfits. I was Snow White and Amy was the referee. We both sat on the bed waiting for Niall. Niall came in talking about something we don't know. I pushed Amy to Niall. She gave me a face. I signaled her to kiss Niall. She did what I told her to do. He was surprised. But he finally understood what was happening. He walks over to me. I just sat down waiting for him. The break away. Lets just say a lot has happened.

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