The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


43. Chapter 43


      Old Elena POV:
"So you just left like that?" Alex asked.
 "Yes. Your grandfather let his friend leave your father in a room with no one to hold him." I explained.
"But leaving him like that isn't nice grandma." Gracie said.
 "Soon you'll understand." I told her.

   Young Elena POV:
        The car started to slow down. I stopped on the side of the road. I try to speed up. I see that my tank is empty. I get out. I slam the door. I bend down. I take a deep breath. I stand up straight. I go inside the car. I grab my phone. I dial Harry's number. He answers on the third ring.
"Hello?" he asked through the phone.
 "Hey I have a problem. Could yo-"
"Hey put that down. Sorry Elena not a good time. See you later." His last words before he hangs up.
I groan. I see Niall's name on the phone. I pass him name. We were just fine a few days ago. But then Amy came. God I thought she was great. I see Ben's name on the phone. I press on his name. He answers on the fourth ring.
"Hello? Elena?" 
 "Hey Ben. I need your help." I said a I looked behind me. 
"Sure. I'll pick you up. Just wait outside." he said.
 "No Ben. I'm somewhere near a tree." I said as I see a tree from afar. 
"There's trees everywhere." He chuckled.
 "I'll just look through my phone and see where I am. And I'll send you the address." I said. 
"Okay." He said. "Well I call you when I'm close." He said.
 "No. Don't hang up. Just put me on speaker." I said. 
"Okay." He said as I heard a door close. 
        I hear him in his car. I just sat back in my seat. I send him the address I'm at. I just listen him. I laugh at some of his jokes. I bring my legs up to my chest. I just listen to his voice. I smile to myself. I feel my phone vibrate. I see Niall's name on the screen. I ignore his call. I look down at my ring on my finger. I take it off half way. I put it back onto it's place. I lean my had back. I start falling asleep. My eyes slowly close. I hear a knock on the passenger window. I get out. I run to Ben. I hug him really tight. I let go. I turn around. I grab my son and mine and his stuff. I put lock on the car. I take him to Ben's car. I lay him down on the seat. I walk back to my car. I see his car seat and his Mr.Dog in the car. I try to open the door. I see the doors had lock. I sigh. I walk to Ben's car. I sit in the back. I put my seat beat on. I hold my son close to me. Ben drives into the streets. I look down at my son. I look out the window. I watch all the street lights pass by. Once in a while I look down at my son. The car finally stopped. Ben opened the door for me.
"Thanks." I said as he took Niall. I grab the rest of the stuff. I follow him to his house. I walk inside. He gives me my child. He goes back to his car. I sit down on the small couch. He enters. He goes to a room. He takes out a baby crib. 
"My sister has a child. And she sleeps over at times. So I have a bed for her child." He said as he grabs Niall. He lays him down. I thank him. "So you gonna tell me what happen?" He asked.
 We walk to his kitchen. He grabs a cups for us. He gives me water. We walk back to the couch. We sit there as I told him what happen. He gives me a surprised look. 
"Wow." Is all he can say.
 "Yea." all I can say.
        I open my eyes. All I remember is Ben and I talking about what happen between Niall and I. I turn over. I see Ben gone. I sit up. I look around I don't see him. I hear his giggle. I fast walk towards his giggle. I see Ben playing with him. I smile.  
"Morning Mama Bear." Ben said as he kissed my cheek. He walked  out of his room. I stand still. I turn around. I touch the place he kissed my cheek. I walk to the kitchen. He turns on the TV.
"This morning we find a car that belongs to Elena Rider who's married to the pop star Niall Horan. Cops are looking for them right now as we talk. I'm Amy Pond-" Amy pond last words before Ben turned off the TV.
"I should go." I said as I grab Niall. I walk to grab my stuff. I walk out. I follow the directions that my phone gave me. I finally made it. I put the code in. The gate opened. I put the code to close the gates.
        I walk through the doors. I quietly walked to Niall's room. I change his pamper. I feed him and let him play with his toys. I give him. Mrs.Dog. He plays with her. I go downstairs. I see Niall and Amy talking like always. 
"Of course." I whispers. 
        I walk to the living room. My phone keeps ringing. Ben keeps calling. Niall stands in front of me. 
"I didn't know they were gonna put him in the guest house." He said. 
 "Of course Niall. But you had to ask yourself, 'Why isn't my son crying?'" I said.
"Well I thought you had him." He said.
 "Of course Niall. You thought it was a good idea to leave your wife with her son while you have fun with freaking Amy." I said as I heard the guys and their girlfriends walk in. 
"Don't bring me into this. You need some rest." Amy said as she put her hand on my shoulder. 
        I turn around and slap her. 
"Don't you touch me." I said.
She slapped me back. 
        I push her down. She fell. I grabbed her hair. I dragged her to the middle of the floor. I get on top of her. I punch her on the side of her head many times. She pulls my hair. She gets on top. She punched both sides of my head. I kicked her. Making her flip. I get on top again. I shake her head. I punched her on the nose and her right eye. I heard yelling behind me. I feel many arms around me. I see all the girls, Louis, and Liam checking up on Amy. Even Niall. I wipe my mouth. I take off my rings. I throw them at Niall. 
"Why don't you marry that bitch? Because how I see it we're done."

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