The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


42. Chapter 42


        I wake up from a screaming downstairs. I reach for my phone. I see its Feb, 1. Its been two years since she die. Today she turns 2. I turn over. The bed is empty. i grab her blanket. I walk down stairs. I see pancakes,bacon, toast, and milk or orange juice. I felt two arms wrapped around me. I look behind me. I see Niall smiling. Amy came in. She looks amazing like always. I grab a strip of bacon. Niall tries to kiss me. I get out of his grip. I walk to Harry.
"Happy Birthday." I said as I gave him a hug.
 "Thanks." He said with a toothy smile.
        I walk to the tree house. I climb up. I sit on the edge.  I let my feet dangle from the edge of the tree house. I eat my strips. I lay down and hug her blanket. I look up at the sky. I close my eyes and imagine her taking her first steps, her first words, her first time she gets hurts, the first time she tells me she loves me. I sit up. I get off of the tree. I walk to my sons room. I see him sleeping peacefully. I kiss his forehead. I go to my room. I get everything. I take a quick shower. I change into a black dress and heels. I do my hair. I look myself in the mirror. I sent a text to all of my girls to wear black. To meet me at a small flower shop. I left a note for Niall. I go to Baby Niall's room. I change his pamper. I give him a bath. I change him in a tux. I see all the boys having fun. I got to the car. I drive to the shop. I see all the girls in their nice black dresses. I got out. I hug them. 
"Why a flower shop?" El asked.
 "You'll see." I said. 
        We entered the store. I bought a 5 dozen of roses and a small pink bear. I gave the girl a dozen. We walked to my car.  I told the girls to follow me. They nod. I start driving to the graveyard. I held on to her blanket. We finally made it. I parked my car to the side. So did the girls. I closed my eyes. I didn't want to go through that pain again. The girls looked at me. Ana held on to my left hand. Perrie held on to my right. Dani held on to Ana's hand. El held on to Perrie's hand. El and Dani held on to the flowers. We all walked to the tombstone of my daughter. Hand-in-hand. We stayed a few feet away from her. I held on tight to Ana and Perrie's hand. I couldn't hold it. But I had to be strong. I see James. I see him pushing the paparazzi away. I thank him in sign language. I look back at my daughter. I grab the blanket from my purse. I hold on to it. The girls went and left the flowers on her tombstone. 
        I hear them walking to the car. I hear people screaming. I see Niall and guys in tuxes. Lou was carrying my son. They walk over to me. I held on to the blanket. Niall came and kissed my forehead. The boys left flowers and small gifts for her. Lou brings my son. 
"Grace. Look you have a brother." Lou said as she cried. 
        I pat her back.  Everyone backed up. I saw Amy leaving a small little note on her tombstone. Everyone started to stay quiet as Niall and I held hands and slowly walked to her. I held on to his tightly. I felt tears in my eyes. I shake them away. Niall went first. He left flowers and a kiss on the tombstone. He had tears in his eyes. 
"I still love you baby girl." he cried.
Its my turn. I slowly walk to her. I see her tiny picture on the floor of the tombstone.  I squat down. I touch the picture. 
"I love you." I said. 
        Everyone started to go to their cars. I watch them all leave. I sit down on the grass. I tell Graciela everything that has happened. I hear a cough behind me. I look back. I see Ben. I turn back around. I feel him sit down next to me. I lay my head on his shoulder. He puts his hand on my back and rubbing small circles with his thumb. I sniffle. He gave me a tissue. I thank him. He just nods. 
"I didn't get to go to her fu- Never mind. But right now that doesn't matter. Right now We should get you home."He said as he picked me up. 
        We both walked to the parking spot that my car was in. But it wasn't there. Ana must have taken it. We both walked. I held on his arm. I put my sunglasses on. I held on to his arm. He put his right hand on my hands. We walked out. I see no paparazzi. They must have thought that I was in the car with Niall.  We both made it to the gate. I look back. I close my eyes  and turned my back to her. Ben and I stayed quiet. We just walked and walked. My feet were hurting but I ignored it. I lay my head on Ben's shoulder. We finally made it to Niall's big gate. I hear music blasting. I check the time, 6:58 P.M. Harry's birthday party. I let go of Ben.
'Thank you. I don't know how I would've made it home with out someone. Again Thank you very much." I kiss him on the check. I walk to the gate. I put the code in. They start to open. I walk in. I put the code in again to close them. They slowly start to close. I walk to the door. I look back. I see Ben standing there just waiting for something to happen. I open the door and walked in. I close the door behind me. I walk through the crowd of people. I walk upstairs to my room. I change into black jeans and a flowy shirt. I walk out. I close the door. I walk to the stair case. I stop at my tracks. I don't hear my son crying. I ran to his room. I don't see him. I run downstairs. I look for Niall. I see him talking to Ed. I pull his shirt. 
"Wheres Niall?" I asked.
 "I'm here." He laughed.
"Where's my son?" I asked him.
 "We put him in the guest house." a friend of his laughed.
I left go of him. I grab my purse. I stomped to the guest house. I hear my son crying. I ran to him. I see him in a room by himself. I hear foot steps behind me. I pick the car seat up. I turn around and see Niall. I ignore him. I walked passed him. I put baby Niall in the car. I hear Niall yelling my name out. I get in the car. I turn it on. I swerve it to the right. I drive to the gate. I see Amy run out. I open the gate. I drove away.

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