The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


41. Chapter 41


       I look at her. She's so beautiful. Wow her skin looks so soft and her styles is amazing. I blink twice. I stumble back. I let her in. She thanks me. I close the door behind her. She outs her stuff down. She has a lot of stuff. I look down at myself. I poke the baby fat I have. She looks around the house. I seen her before. When her and Niall went out. Well it was a rumor or was it. 
"So who are you?" She asked me.
 "I'm Niall's wi-friend. Yea a friend of his. And you? Wait nevermind. I already know. Your his ex-girlfriend." I asked.
"Correct. But Niall and I stayed in touch after we  broke up. I remember it like it was yesterday." She giggled.
I laugh. I look down at myself. 
"Excuse me. I need to put on some decent cloths. The kitchen is over there. Help yourself." I said as I ran upstairs. 
        I enter the room and put on some soccer pants and a yellow and green jersey with the name Neymar Jr on the back. I put my slippers with bows on. I see Niall sleeping peacefully. I tiptoed out the room. I walk down the huge staircase. I see Amy standing where I left her. I walked to the kitchen. I got a tea cup and pored coffee in it. I took out sugar and cookies. I asked her if wanted some. She shook her head. I gave her a cookie. She thank me. We both leaned on the counter of the island that's in the middle in the kitchen.
'Maybe I do need that cup of coffee. Please?" she said. I nod my head. I pored some into her tea cup. 
        We both started to talk about life and girly stuff. Who knew that she was this girly. When I saw her in those pictures with Niall. She looked like she wasn't into girly stuff. But I guess I was wrong. As we talked we had cup of coffee after another. We were full of sugar and coffee. We just talked about random things. 
"Babe come back to be-Amy?" Niall said. 
They both ran to each other. They hugged. For a long time. I give them a small smile. I walk out of the kitchen. I walk towards my room. I pick up my wedding dress. I put it away in the closet. I get in bed. I close my eyes just imagining Sam and Dean from Supernatural. 
        I wake up. I hear Niall and Amy laughing. I look across form me. He's not there. I walk to Baby's room. I see him. Playing with his feet. I smile at him. He looks wonderful. I hear him laughing. I smile. I pick him up. I grab a few things that I need. I see if Namy were downstairs. I don't see them. I run downstairs. I go outside. I drive to the gate of our house. I open them. I drive to Ana's house. I turn on the radio. I hear All Of The Stars come on. I finally made it to Ana's house. I hurry out before anyone see's me. I take out Niall. I hear screams behind me. I close my eyes. Ana runs out and grabs my child and takes him inside. I turn around. And give the fans a wave and a smile. They scream. I walk inside. I see Ana rocking my child.
"Where's John?" I ask her.
 "Work. But let me ask you this. Why aren't you home with your husband?" she asked.
I sit down on the couch. I grab Niall's stuff toy. 
"Well, I would've been there but Amy is there. And when I say Amy. I mean Amy Green. Niall's ex. She showed up this morning. When I saw morning, I mean midnight morning. Then we had coffee and cookies together. And we talked. And who knew she was so girly. Like when I saw her and Niall in those magazines. I thought she wasn't girly. But she ended up being really girly. When I woke up this morning. I didn't see Niall next to me. I heard him laughing downstairs with Amy Freaking Green." I exclaimed. 
 "Okay. Lets not kill Mr.Dog. That's Niall favorite stuff animal." Ana said as she slowly reached for Mr.Dog. 
"Sorry." I said as I gave he Mr.Dog.
 "Come on you need some tacos." she said as she took me to the kitchen.
 She gave my son. I played with his hands. Ana made some tacos. There was a knock on the door. I put Niall down in his car seat. I open the door. I see John. He turns around and leans in. I back up. He opens his eyes. He see's me. His eyes widen. He starts to blush. I laugh at him. I pull him inside. 
"Don't worry about it.It'll be our little secret." I told him.
        We just sat there eating tacos. I gave Niall his bottle. It started to get dark. I drive back home. I take out Niall. I take him to his room.  I watch him sleep peacefully. I turn around. I walk out. I walk downstairs. I hear Namy talking. I walk to the backyard. I see a tree house. I see it's old and beaten up. I climb up. I lay down and look at the stars. I smile. I reach for my necklace. I hold on to it. I feel tears running down my cheeks.
"Hey grams, Hey Gracie. Everything has been amazing. Baby you have a younger brother. His name is Niall Adrian Junior. He's been an angel. I know you'll love him if you met him to. You to grams. I know you would love him grams. He's so beautiful. He like me but mixed a little bit with his father. He has his eyes and his looks. He'll get the brains from me." I said as more tears ran down my cheeks. "I got married yesterday. Well again. I'll explain later. But it was amazing. I had a beautiful dress. Dada didn't walk me down the walk way. But I'm just glad he was there." I played with my hands. "Oh grams. I wish you here. I wish you were there to see me in my wedding dress. I just want you here. I want you and Gracie here. Things would've been perfect. I just..." I sob. "I just wanted you both to stay with me. Oh honey. I miss you both. I love you. " I sob. 
        I wipe my tears. I stayed there for a bit. So Niall doesn't asks questions. I close my eyes. I sit up. I climb down the tree. I walk inside. I see Niall and Amy still talking. I walk to my room. I go over to the closet. I grab her blanket. I hold it close to me. I get under the covers. I hug the blanket. I hear the door open. The bed goes down. Niall wraps his arms around me. 
"Stay with me. Never leave me." I whisper.

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