The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


40. Chapter 40


        We got home. Same as last time. NO honeymoon. We were busy with Baby Niall. No time for honeymoon. I watch Niall take the baby inside. He walks back outside. I giggle. He picks me up. I watch the door close. I know that Niall is happy. So I'm happy. We finally come to the door. He turns the knob. The door doesn't open. He tries again. Nothing. He puts me down. He tries again. I look through the little window on the door. I see the keys inside. I turn around.
"Niall. We're locked out. You left the keys inside." I said as I  look at him. 
 "What your lying to me." he said.
"No. I'm. Not." I said.
He looks through the small window. He curse under his breath. He looks around the house. 
 "You try the back door please." He said.
I held on to my dress and walked to the back. I check the back door. The same. Its locked.
 "No. Its locked." I yell.
"Shit." He curse. 
        We looked for any entrance around the house. But nothing. I look up. I see a window open. I call out for Niall. He came running. I pointed to the window that was open. He ran to the back. He brought back a ladder. He got on. But he couldn't reach. He got down. He went to get sometime from the back. I took a deep breath. I start climbing the ladder. I finally got to the top. Niall came back. He dropped what ever he was holding. He grabbed on the bottom of the ladder.
"What the hell do you think your doing?" He yelled.
 "I'm trying to reach so I can open the door from the inside." I told him. 
"Well next time wait until I'm here." He told me. 
 I reach to the window. I almost reached. But I couldn't. I had to take a risk. 
"Hey Niall? You know how I love taking risks? Yea I'm about to do one." I said.
 "What do you mean?" He asked.
"I'm going to jump."I said as I jumped.
        My elbows were helping me to not fall. Niall was screaming. Trying to find a way to get me down. I try to pull myself up. Nothing happened. I felt a weird tingle in my nose. I try to shake it away. I end up sneezing. My elbows slip. Niall was screaming climbing up the ladder. But it broke. Thankfully I was still holding on. Or I would be gone. Niall started to call someone. He was freaking out. I was calm. Because I have a problem with freaking out really fast. I stayed calm. I hear Baby Niall crying. My freaking out moment started. I tried to climb up but I couldn't. I started to scream. I hear the gate door open. I look down. I see Niall looking up. 
"This isn't a bad view." He said.
 "Really? Yea well your not gonna get that view in a while." I snapped at him. 
My hands started to get sweaty. I start blowing my hands. 
"Whats up Niall?" Zayn asked.
 "Niall. My hands are slipping. Hurry up." I screamed.
        I look down. All the guys eye's were wide. Zayn, Liam, and Harry ran up. Louis stayed with Niall. I see the guys running to me. They tell to give my hands. I let go of one hand. And they grab it. They start pulling me up. But my hand was to sweaty that it slipped. Now I was yelling for my life. I hear Louis on the phone. They guys try to pull me up but I was to heavy. They kept trying. But nothing happened. Louis and Niall went up stairs. They helped the rest of the guys. Finally I was on the floor of my child's room. I see all the guys out of the breath. I start to laugh. They all started to laugh. I took out my phone. I took a picture of this moment. I stand up. I walk downstairs. I see my son crying. I take him out of the car set. I hold him. I turn on all the lights of the living room. I look at myself in the mirror. I hear the guys laughing as they came downstairs. I give Baby Niall to Harry. Harry put Baby Niall in his crib. Niall tried to grab my hands but I didn't let him. 
"I'm going to bed." I said. 
I kissed the boys good night. I walk to my room. I hear the boys leaving. Niall came in. He unzipped my dress. He kissed my back and shoulders. He lets the dress drop to the floor. I step out of the dress. I look at Niall. I start unbuttoning his shirt. I pull him to me. I smile. 
"I'm officially your wife." I said as I kissed his chin. "No more hiding. No more lies. Just us." I said. 
 "And I'm already loving that idea." Niall said as he took off his shoes. He picked me up. He threw me on to the bed. 
I loving every moment with him. 
         He had his arm wrapped around me. I lay my head on his chest. I sit up. I put on my underpants and bra and a pink silk robe. Niall tried to pull me back into bed.
"I have to check on Baby Niall." I said. 
 "Hurry back." He begged.
"I will." I giggled.
         I walk to Baby Niall's room. I close the window. I look over him. He was peacefully sleeping. I kissed his little hand. I walk back to the room. I see a lady at the door. I try to ignore. I walk down the huge staircase. I open the door right when she was about to knock. She looks down at what I was wearing. I give her a shy smile. 
"Sorry. I must be in the wrong house. Can you tell me where Niall Horan lives?" She asks. 
 "I'm sorry. If you don't mind me asking. Who are you?" I asked.
"Oh. I'm Amy. Amy Green."

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