The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


4. Chapter 4


        I can't believe I just did that. I just left him there. I'm so mean. I look back. I see the tour bus gone. I walk back home. I couldn't stop think about what I did. It was magical. (Get it. magical. No. NVM) What am I saying, I just meet the guy and I'm saying its magical. Well I do know everything about him. But that's different;He's famous. I finally get home. I look behind me just in case if he followed me. I go to my room. I call Ana and John. 
"Hello?"Ana said through the phone.
 "Hello?"John said through the phone.
  "You'll never believe what just happen."I say
"What happen?" They said at the same time. 
"I met Niall." I say with excitement.
 "WHAT!"Ana yells through the phone. 
 "How did it happen?" John asks.
  "Well. I was crossing the street and their tour bus almost ran me over. Then Niall came out to check up on me.Then I left." I say.
        We kept talking about it. Ana kept me how he looked up close. I said what every fan would say. 'He looked beautiful and gorgeous.' After a while they went to sleep. I changed into my PJ's and went to bed. I tried to go to sleep. But I couldn't. I guess that I was to happy to go to sleep. I couldn't stop think about it. I feel so bad for leaving him there. He had those worried eyes, that people say in those imagines on Tumblr.  He had a gentle,worried look in his eyes. Every time I think about those eye I just melt. He was really gorgeous up close. My eye lids are closing.
Old Elena POV:

 "So that's how you met Niall?" Jenna asked. 
 "Yes darling. That's how we meet. But anyway its time for you guys to go to sleep." I said as I hold the photo album next my chest. 
"Come on gram's tell us more. I want to know more." Alex says.
 "Tomorrow. I promise." I said as I stand up. 
"Alright goodnight gram's"They all say. 
  "Night."I say as I walk towards my room.  
        I get on my bed. I open the photo album. I look at that photo of Niall and Baby Niall. Tears are forming in my eyes.
"Oh Niall, only if you can see Baby Junior's children. They're so beautiful. I know if you were here they'll love you. Like I love you. Niall,I miss you. I still love you. It's hard for me to move on." I cried. "Our love will go on forever." I cried. I lay my head on the pillows. I fall asleep.
~Next Day~

        I walk over to the kitchen. I see everyone eating. Well then. I look lover at Alex and Jenna. They're looking straight at me. Gracie is just eating her oatmeal.
 "So what happens next gram's?" She asks.
 I grab my yea that Kammy made. "Well…"
Young Elena POV:

        I walked over to a store. Today me and Ana are having a sleep over. I heard a few screams. Behind me. I look back and they are headed my way. I began to run. I see 5 people running. I run to the closest thing to shelter. I ended up in a store. I see all the girls running in the direction I was first going. I hear other people breathing. I see 5 boys trying to catch their breaths. One of the guys looked at me. I look back him. Shit its Niall. I stand up. As the rest of the boys do the same. I look away. 
 "Your the girl that we almost ran over. " Niall says as he has worried eyes looked me straight in the face. 
"Are you hurt?" Zayn asks. 
 "Nope. I'm fine." I say as I popped the in nope. 
"Hey Niall I'm sorry for leaving you like that. Its that I just need to get home." I say as I grab my stuff. 
  "Whats your name?" Louis asks. 
"Its Elena. Elena Rider." I say with a smile. 
  "Well Elena. Niall couldn't stop talking about you yesterday." Liam said as the boys start laughing, and Niall was blushing. 
"Don't worry Niall. I couldn't stop talking about you either." I said with a wink. 
       The boys just stood there Niall was red. I was also blushing. I walk out of there before I say something stupid. Why did I say that. Am I trying to embarrass myself. Who would say that. NO ONE will. I'm so stupid for saying that. Stupid. Stupid.Stupid. Well now at least he'll remember me for the rest of his life. That's a good thing right.Right?
 "Hey wait." I hear a voice behind me. I turn around and I see Niall. 
 "Hey.Whats up?" I ask. 
"Do you wanna hang out tonight?" He asks. 
        YES!YES! I WOULD LOVE TO! I can't say that. I have the sleep over with Ana. I can't just leave her hanging. I bite my lip. I look around. 
"I'm sorry. I can't I have this thing to do with my best friend." I said as I bite my lip.
 "Oh. Well at least can I have your number?" He asked. I grab his arm and I take out a pen and write on his arm. 
"There you go." I said as I kissed his cheek. I walked away. 
        I walk over to Ana's house. I was about to knock on the door and Ana and John pull me in. They sit me down on the couch. I give them a confuse look. 
"What is going on?" I ask.
 "You kissed Niall on the cheek and you gave him your number." John said calmly. 
"How long was she like this?" I ask John. 
 "For about a 1 hour and 25 minutes." He said as he checked his phone. 
"Tell me what happen." Ana said as she sat in front of me. 
        I tell them what happen. Ana is just staring me with regret eyes. Like this happened to her. 
"He asked you on a date and you said no because of me? Aw that's so sweet and stupid. Sweet because you wanted to be with me. Stupid because Niall Horan from One Direction on a date. Now you are going to text him  and tell him that your free tonight." Ana said as she sits next to John. 
"Well, I can't. I don't have his number and I want to spend time with you." I say with a smile. 
         She grabs my phone and does something. She gives it back to me. I look at the phone and I see a text message from Niall. I look at my contacts and Niall's name on my phone is 'Nialler'.
"Hey so where should I pick you up?And what time?" Niall texted. 
        What did she just do? 

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