The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


38. Chapter 38


        I walk in the hospital. I walk towards my baby's room. Everything seems different. Niall home, Baby Niall here, the tour is over. I open the door. I see my parents looking at Baby Niall. I see Niall talking to my dad. I stand there just looking at them. Niall smiles when he sees me. He excuses himself. He walks towards me. He leans in for a kiss. I step back. He frowns. I put my hands up. I walk out with him following. 
"Niall why are my parents here?" I ask him.
 "I told them about Niall Jr." He smiled.
I close my eyes. I walk in with a fake smile.
"Honey you and Niall made a beautiful baby." Mom said with a smile.
I nod my head.
"Darling why didn't you tell us you got married?" Dad asked.
 "Because you don't care." I mumble.
"Honey we do care." Mom said as she got close to me. I step back.
 "That is a lie. All you cared about is dad. When I got hurt you weren't there. When I got my heart broken you weren't there. When my ex-boyfriend hit me you weren't there. When my first child died you weren't there. When I needed my mother... you weren't there. I was never in your life. Grandma is the only person who cared for me. You and dad always fought." I muttered thought my teeth as I teared up.
"Honey we're sorry." Dad said as he tried to hug me. 
 "Sorry is not going to be enough." I said as I walked to my child.
"Babe please they want to help." Niall  said.
 "Darling please. We didn't know how to be a parent. That's why we didn't do anything." Dad said.
  "You already had a child before this one?" Mom asked.
I nod. I heard her sniffling.
"I'm so sorry honey." Mom said as she hugged me. 
        I cried on her chest. She held me close. Dad came over and hugged us. Niall left the room. I cried harder thinking about if Niall died. She whispered sweet things in my ear. They let go off me. This is all I ever wanted. But I know it wont last for long. They walked to my baby. Niall came in with tissues. I giggled. I grabs two and wipe them away. He held me close. The door opened. Niall's parents ran in. They were out of breath. I smile at them. Niall let go. They hugged him. They walk over to me. 
"How my favorite and only daughter in law?" Bobby  said with a smile. 
 "She good." I said as I let go of him. 
Maura came and hugged me. 
"Why didn't you guys tell us that you had another child?" His mother asked. 
 "Well no one really knew until I went into labor three months ago." I said.
"Where is...?"
 "He." Niall and I said at the same time. 
She smiled.
"Whats his name?" Booby asked.
 "Niall Junior." Niall and I said at the same time again.
His mother was tearing up. She looked behind us. She gives my parents a strange look. I walk over to them. 
"Maura. Bobby. These people are my parents." I said as I give them a small smile. 
Maura and Bobby walked to them.
"It was about time. That we meet them." Bobby said. 
        Niall walked over to the parents. He whispered something to them. My dad smile and nod. They all went back to talking. 
~Week Later~
        I wake up and my wedding rings aren't on my finger. Not even the one that belongs to grandma. I look around the house looking for the rings. I couldn't find them. I change into a mint flowly shirt and black shorts with black vans. I walk to a park. I need fresh air. A little girl came to me. She had a white fancy dress. She had a flower crown with strings behind her head. She pulled me into and empty store. Someone pushed me down to sit. I tried to get back up. But they pushed me down again. People started to strip me. I push them off of me. They hold on to me hey put something up my leg. They stop at the middle of my thigh. They pull down a dress. They push me back up. The little girl pushed me up. She takes my hand and walks to a another building. They start pulling my hair. They finally stopped. They started to do my face. I tired to move but they held me. They finally finished. The little girl pulled me up but then goes under the dress. She makes me fall on a seat. She takes off my shoes and puts other ones on. I get. I was in other shoes. She pulls me to the park. I see cameras all over the place. I see Danielle, Perrie, Eleanor, and Ana dressed in brides dresses. I look down at what I'm wearing. I was in a white strapless wedding dress. Everything started to come together. My rings missing. The little girl dressed like a flower girl. My friends in brides maid dresses. And me wearing a wedding dress. I see all the boys with tuxes. Zayn was with Perrie, Liam with Danielle, Louis with Eleanor, Ana with John. My Ed came over and hugged me. 
"You look beautiful 'I Love You' girl." He said as he let go. I was about to cry.
 "Thanks. But im still confuse about all of this." I said.
"Niall planned it out." He said.
        The music started. I heard a different song. 'Marry You.' I see Olly Murs singing. The little girl danced and threw flower pedals on the ground on her way to Niall. The guys and their partners dance the way down the walk way. I laugh. The guys and their partners did the same. They seem to be having fun. It finally came for Niall's and my parents to walk down the walk way. They finally made it to the end. It was finally my turn. I walk down  the walk way with my arm around Ed's. Everyone was on their feet dancing. I couldn't stop smiling. I finally came to Niall. Everyone was calm and ready. Right when the paster was about to say something. I started to laugh. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't stand up. Ana came to my side. She tried to help me. But she started to laugh. I don't know whats so funny. But she just started to laugh.  I finally calm down. The pastor started to talk. I saw Ana carrying our son. 
"Elena Amelia Rider. Do you take Niall as your husband?" The pastor asked.
A camera got in my face. I look past it.
"I do." I said with a smile on my face.
 "Do you Niall James Horan, do you take Elena as your lawfully wedded wife?" The pastor asked him. The camera was in his face.
"I do." He said.
 "I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."
Niall and I kissed. I heard fans cry, and people clap and cheer.
Our happiness is now pubic. And real. No more hidding. No more lies about being friends. My life starts here and now. That's all I need.

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