The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


35. Chapter 35

Old Elena's POV:

I get up. And I walk to an empty room. I push past some boxes. I open a box. I find the blanket that belonged to Graciela. I walk to the living room. I show them the blanket. They all frown. I had tears in my eyes.

"This belonged to her. I'll never forget how it felt losing a child. It still breaks my heart today. I visit her every month." I said as a tear ran down my cheek.

"Let's go and visit her." Jenna said as she got ready.

We all drove to the graveyard. I haven't been here since 10 years ago. We finally made it. I got out. I walked to it. They all followed me. They lay a flower on her. They all say hi and introduced themselves. They went back into the car and gave me time. I got down on my knees. I touch her tombstone. Her beautiful name 'Graciela Hope Rider Horan.' I see her little photo on the ground. I close my eyes and remembered how she looked. I felt tears running down my cheeks.

"My little girl. Today I finally had to guts to see you. The reason I don't come is because I miss you. Your younger brother's children wanted to see you. If it wasn't for them then I wouldn't be here… it's not that I don't wanna see you is that I miss you my love. I wish your father could've been here. I miss you my love. You were and still are my happiness." I said as my voice cracked. I started to cry.

"I remember holding you for the first time. Best moment of my entire life other than marrying your father and step-father, and giving birth to Niall jr. My little princess. I miss you. And I love you. I should get going before I don't wanna leave." I said as I kissed the tombstone. I get up and got into the car.

~Young Elena's POV~

It's been 2 months since her death. And 2 months since he left for tour. Niall and I haven't made love since she died. I look down at my tummy. I touched my tummy. I count down the days until Niall comes back. I put her stuff away. I keep her blankets and photos. The rest I sold them. I ended up having more money than I excepted. I took a shower and changed into something lazy. Niall was coming back within one month. I heard the door bell. I open it. I see Ben. I give him a small smile. He hugs me. I hug back.

"I just heard about the new about your-I'm sorry. I can't believe that-I bought you flowers." He said as he gives me pink roses.

"Thanks." I grab them.

"I better be going then." He said as he walked away without saying good bye. My phone starts to ring. I ignore it.

I look at her photo. I go to my bed. I watch the sun go down. I turn my radio on. Once Upon A Dream by Lana Del Rey came on. I close my eyes. I see Niall and Graciela walking around in a Forrest. I lay down on the grass. I feel the wet grass in between my fingers. The little bee's flying above my head. I open my eyes. I see Niall stand there looking down at me.

"Niall your suppose to be on tour."I told him.

"Babe the tour is over." He said as he laid down with me.

"No you left 2 months ago." I whispered.

"Yes. I did so did she." He whispered in my ear.

I look at him. I see a white pale baby in his arms. Her lips were blue and her little hand was white/light blue. Niall drops her. I try to catch her but she turns to fog. I see her name on the tombstone. Niall walked away. I cried. I cry on her tombstone.

I woke up with tears running down my cheeks. I check my phone. 2 in the morning. I dial the guys number no one answers. I try Lou.

"Hello,this is Lou how can I help y- Louis stop moving." She said through the phone.

"Hey." My voice cracked.

"Oh honey what's wrong?" She asked.

I just broke down crying. She told me to stop crying or I'll make her cry.

"Honey what's wrong?" She asked.

"It happen again." I cried.

"Again? Oh honey. Its o- Louis if you don't stop moving I'll cut all of your hair off." She said through the phone.

"I'll call you another t-"

"Elena?" I heard Niall's voice.

Just hearing his voice it brings me back to that day when I lost her. I sobbed through the phone. I hear him singing softly trough the phone. I calm down. He talks about how wonderful tour is. He tells me where he's going next. He sounds happy and wonderful. Like her death was nothing. I finally hung up. I stood there looking at the ceiling. I get up. I pack a few cloths. I get on the next plane to New York. It was about 6 hour flight. I slept the most way there. I pay for one night at a hotel that's close to where he's going to preform tomorrow. Or today? I look at my phone. It was 8 behind. It was midnight. I sleep on the bed.

I got woken up by screaming girls. I get up and look at myself. I look like a mess. My hair all over the place. My makeup all over my eyes. Wipe it off with makeup remover wipes. I change into Something cute. I put lip gloss on. I take out the pas that Niall gave me before he left for tour. I put it around my neck. I walk out. I walk through the crowd. I keep my head down. I finally got to the gate. They let me in. I saw the guys coming out of the buses. I run to them. They hug me. They pointed inside of the tour bus. I quietly walked in. I hear sniffles. I see Niall standing in front of the counter with the photo of her. There was candles and roses around her. I walk to Niall. I wrap my arms around him.

"I miss her too." I mumble on. His back.

He turns around. He kissed me. I kiss back.

"Oh baby. I was going to be the best father ever." He told me as he looked away.

"Niall look at me." I told him. He looked at me.

"You were the best father ever. And she knew that. If she was here I know she'll be proud of you." I said as I leaned in to kiss him.

"I love you." He said in between kisses.

He picked me up. He sits me down on the counter on the opposite side. I kick off my shoes. He puts his hands on my hips. He picks me up again. He takes me to the bunk beds. My back hits the wall. He takes off my scarf and jacket. My feet touch the floor. I take off his shirt. I take off everything, except my bra and underwear. He was only in his jeans. He runs his hands in my hair and he kisses me. I bit his lip. He picks me up again. I pull away.

"Niall. Are you sure your ready?" I ask.

"She might be gone but I can see how your heart is breaking. And it's time to fix that heart with a new little heart." He whispers in my ear.

"Okay." That's all I say.

He pulls his pant down includes his boxers. He leaves love bites on my breast. Everything was perfect. Niall and I making love. Trying for a new baby. I hear my phone ring. I ignore it. Niall thrust harder. All I thought about is Niall and only him.

We lay on his bed naked with a thin Blanket on us. I look at him. He moves a piece of my hair. I hear foot steps. I push the curtains. I see Louis with a disused face. I giggle. Everyone else just left. He ran out. I kissed Niall one last time before I left. I just hope a little heart is in me.

(A/N: hey um sorry about that sex scene. And if your 13 or younger just skip this chapter. Anyways. I'm going to go wash my hands 5 times because I feel dirty. But yea. Hehehe sorry for any errors. ~Gracie Babe)

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