The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


3. Chapter 3


        Young Elena's POV:

"Yea I just won them on the radio. Its not that big of a deal." I say as I look through a magazine. 
  "No big deal?! Its One Direction We're talking about.The Biggest boy-band in the whole world. Number one in 37 countries. Their bigger than Justin Bieber. Wait. I think yesterday you freaked out when you heard that they were given them out. You lair." Ana said as she took my magazine away.
"OK. OK. I'm so happy. I can't believe I won them." I scream as I walked to closet. 
   "So when's the concert?" Ana asks. 
"Tonight." I say as I look through my cloths. 
  "Wait tonight. Tonight? Like today when it's dark,Tonight?" She asked.
"Yes tonight." I say calmly. 
        All I see is her running around the house screaming. She even runs outside. I think she wont have her voice at the end of today. I look through my closet I look for something to wear tonight. I have no good cloths. I look up and I see Ana looking straight at me. I have a feeling shes going to take me shopping. I'm right she grabs me and pulls me with my wallet. She runs into town. We did not stop at all. I guess she wanted to get in line early. We go into this store I've never seen. Right when we got inside I feel on the floor trying to gasp for air. It took me like 5 minutes, to breath normally. I start looking around the store. I see really cute cloths. I see this really cute dress. should I buy it? No no. I can't its to expensive. I check the price. 8 dollars. Baby you are coming with me. I grab the dress and I look for Ana. I see her looking at a really nice dress. 
  "Should I buy it?" She asks me. 
"How much does it cost?" I ask as I cling on to my dress.
  "11 dollars." She says as she looked at the dress. 
"Buy it. Come on the concert is in 4 hours." I say as I go to pay the dress.
Old Elena POV:

"You bought a dress for 8 dollars?" Kammy asked. 
  "Yes. Everything was kinda cheap back in the day." I say.
 "You can continue." Alex said.
Young Elena POV:

        We go back home. I see Ana with a big smile on her face. She must really liked the dress. We get over to my house. We run upstairs. We got ready. It took me forever to my make up and Ana's make up. I hear my laptop ring. I grab it and I answer it. Next thing you know I see John on the screen. 
"Hey John.What up?" I ask. 
 "Guess who's going to the One Direction Concert?" He says with a half smile. 
"Who? Your sister?" I ask. 
 "No. Me. I'm going. I bought some tickets and its right behind your row." He says with a big smile on his face. 
   "Yay the three amigo's together." I said as I put some eyeliner on. 
"Yea. Well I'll be right back." I said as I walk into the bathroom changing  into my dress. I hear Ana  and John talking. I walk out and I see Emily dressed up in her new dress
"Well John, I'll see you over there.Bye." I said as I turned off the video chat. I look in the mirror. I look good. I love my new dress
        We took the taxi to the concert. It only took us 10 minutes. When we got there there was a bunch of people. We got out and we headed to the shortest line. When we were walking we heard girl screaming. I started to get hungry. I look over to Ana. She understood when I gave her my hungry eyes. I ran out of line took off my heels and I ran to Denny's It was nearest thing,that had food. I sat down and waited for my food order. I look over to the arena. I see more people coming. I put my shoes back on. I finally got my food. I walked out. I walked towards the arena. I saw Ana with John .We ate and talked for a while. The doors finally opened. Everyone rushed in. We finally got in. We walked over to our row, 2. I couldn't believe it. All of the lights went off. All I hear is girls screaming and freaking out. But it ends up being the opening act. Every was just screaming but no one was dancing. I started to jump up and down. One of the people of the opening acted winked at me. I gotta say he was good looking. They left off the stage after an hour. Then everything went back to normal. More people came. I looked around. Wow what a big fandom. I looked through my phone. I went on twitter. I see a tweet. @CalumHood: Saw a good looking person today. I don't know this person, and it was in my feeds. The lights went off again. Finally One Direction came out. They sang Up All Night first. After that I couldn't remember. I look at my phone. It was 11:30. I look over at Ana. She looked like she was crying. I see John behind to her.He looked like he was into the music. I smiled. The concert was ending. The last song was What Makes You Beautiful.  Everyone started to leave. I just sat in one of the seats. I waited until everyone left. Right when the whole place was empty. I left. I see John and Ana waiting for me. I smiles. I goofed off a little. I fangirled. We walked outside. There was cars leaving and a few fans waiting until 1D came out. But I guess they gave up. Everyone was walking or in the car on their way. Me, Ana, and John were goofing off singing few of their songs. We looked drunk. John and Ana took a taxi home. I wanted to walk home. I need to exercise. I was walking I see the tour buses leaving. I smile a bit. I crossed the street. I hear a loud honk. I look over I see a truck. I close my eyes. I stand there. I open my eyes. I touch my whole body. I bend down. 
"I'm alive. I'm alive. Thank god." I say. I let out a relief sigh.  I stand up straight. I have some eyes staring at me. It was Niall Horan.
  "Are you alright?"  Niall said.
"Well I'm  alive so yes I'm alright." I say with relief. 
  "I'm sorry. We almost killed you." He said. 
"Yea you almost did.But thank you for stopping. I should get going." I said. I cross the street. I look back and I see him staying where I left him. 

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