The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


29. Chapter 29

I changed into my White dress . We didn't tell anyone. He only told his parent. I only told Ana and John. I didn't want to buy a big dress I bought a dress online. I got my shoes online to. Ana did my hair. We got some pastor that used to preach at the church Niall use to go. We all went to a little church in the middle of nowhere. I went to a room. I looked at myself. Ana and John came in. They looked happy. But John didn't that much.

"Oh you look so beautiful. Your gonna make me cry." She said.

"Don't please don't." I begged.

"I wished gram's was here to see you." Ana said.

"Me too." I said.

"I should go before I cry." Ana said as she walked out.

"Here." John opened his hand. "Gram's gave it to me to give to you just incase she couldn't make it." He said as he held her a pearl ring. He put it on my finger. I smiled at it. I hugged him.

"I'm ready." I said as I looked at the ring.

"Ok I'll tell them." John said as he hugged me before he left.

"Ok. I'm ready." I told myself.

I walked out. I walked to the doors. John came and stood next to me. We hooked our arms. We walk through the doors. I see Niall smiling in a nice tux. I blushed. He looked so handsome. We finally came to him. We looked at the pastor. He talked about life together and the meaning of marriage. I didn't listen I just wondering about Niall. Niall and I looked at each other and held each other hands.

"Elena Amelia Rider do you take Niall James Horan as your husband?" The pastor asked.

"I do." I said as I put his ring on.

"And do you Niall James Horan take Elena Amelia Rider as your wife?" The pastor asked Niall.

"I do" he said as he put my ring on. I had 3 rings on.

"I pronounce you husband and wife. Niall you kiss your wife." The pastor said.

He smiled. We both leaned in. Our lips connected. He dipped me. I laughed. He put me back on feet. I see Ana crying. I let go of Niall's hand. I hug Ana and John.

"You guys are the best." I said as I hugged them tight.

"We better be the god-parents of your kids." Ana said.

"You know it." I chuckled.

I heard a cough behind me. I let them go. They walked away. I turn around I see Niall's parents.

"Mrs.Horan this my mother Maura and my father Bobby." Niall said he pointed them out.

"Hi." All I said.

"Honey don't be like that your family. This might be the first time meeting you but some how I know you'll always make my baby boy happy." Maura said as she pinched Niall's cheek.

"Mum." Niall whined.

"Look Lena if that's your name. Please take care of my son." Bobby said.

"I will. I promise." I chuckled.

"I wishing for little tiny feet running down your house." Maura laughed.

"Soon. Very soon." I laughed.

"Well son we got to go. Seem's that Greg is having a problem with Theo, since his wife off for the weekend." Bobby said.

"Alright. Love you guys." Niall said as they grouped hugged.

Everyone left. Niall and I went back to London. We couldn't go on a honeymoon since he has recording to do. We went to our house. He picked me up and walked me through the door. I just laughed. It turning dark. We put slow music on. We danced on the balcony. I smiled. We were finally married. I know it was early. But right now we just don't care. The stars above where shinning, the cars passing by the lights going off and people talking. But all I can hear is Niall's heart beat. I kissed his chin.

"Mrs.Horan your enjoying this aren't you?" Niall asked.

"Yes I am Mr.Horan." I giggled.

We leaned in. Our lips connected. I felt fireworks going off. He picked me up in a bridal style. He took off my shoes. He walked to our room. He put me on our bed and undid my dress. I undid his shirt.

"I'm ready." I said

~Next Day~

I wake up. I see Niall sleeping. I get the blanket and cover my naked body. I got up, I felt a pain running through my whole body. My legs hurts. I walk to the bathroom. I drop the blanket. I see little purple bruises on my hips. And love bites on my neck, top of my breast, and my thighs. I look down at my hand. This all happen in 5 days. I turn the water on. I got in. I felt the warm water dropping on my body. I close my eyes. I put shampoo on and soap. I saw bubbles on my body. I turn off the water. I get out off bed. I put the towel around my body. I see Niall sleeping. I change into my bra and underwear. I put his dress shirt on. I get in bed, put the covers over me. I look at Niall's face. I smile. I kiss his forehead. I looked down at his hand. I kiss his ring.

"Morning Mrs.Horan." I heard Niall's raspy morning voice say.

"Morning Mr.Horan." I giggle.

"You took your first shower as a married woman with out your husband? I'm hurt." Niall faked cried as he played with my wet hair.

"Well I didn't want to wake you up. You looked so cute just laying there." I chuckled.

"Hmmm." He mumbled as he sat up.

He leaned in. I smiled. Our lips connected. I got on top of him. He wrapped his arms around me. The blanket fell and landed around his waist. I took his face in my hands. We had a endless make out session. He bit my lips. I bit his.

"GET OUT OF BE-" I heard Louis yell as he opened the door.

I looked up I see him with a discussed face. I saw the guys laughing behind him. Niall groaned he pulled me to this chest and covered me with the blanket.

"Niall did-" Harry couldn't finish his question.

"Guys get out." Niall said as he threw a pillow at the door. They all laughed.

"We gotta get out of bed." I said as I kissed his cheek.

"I know. But you might not able." He laughed.

"I hate you right now." I said as I got out of bed. I changed into Some cloths.

We were finally ready. We walked down stairs. I saw the guys talking to someone on the couch. I held on the Niall's hand. He kissed my hand with the ring.

"Mrs.Horan today is the first day as a married couple." He whispered into my ear.

I giggled.

We were about to leave out of the door but they called out our names. We walked back I see the management with a pissed off face. I held on to Niall's hand tightly.

"Why didn't you invite us to your wedding?" John said as he got in front of me.

We're busted.

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