The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


2. Chapter 2


    ''Grandma! Grandma!'' I hear one of the kids yell out. 
 ''I'm over here.'' I wave my hand in the air. 
        They run over to me. I smile. They all sit down on the floor with their legs crossed. They look at me like if they want something out of me.
''Ok who are who because I don't know your names. I only know Amy's name. I'm sorry. So please tell me your names and how old you are?'' I ask.
  ''OK I'm Alex and I'm 14.'' The little boy with the dirty blonde hair said.
''I'm Jenna and I'm 10.'' The girl with the Brunette hair.
 ''I'm Gracie and I'm 5'' The little girl said with a big smile.
''Ahh I see well Alex you look like your father. And you ladies look like your mother but you Gracie you look more like your Grandfather. N-Ben.'' I say.
  ''And who do I look like?'' I hear a voice say behind me.
I turn around and I see Kammy standing there. I stand up slowly. I walk over to her. I give her a hug.
'' You my darling you look like your mother.'' I say.
 ''Everyone says that. Oh and grandma can we talk in private?'' Kammy asked.
''Sure. Kids there's a tree house close to the guest house. There's a lot of toys you guys might want to play with.'' I say as point over to the tree house. They nod their heads and they run over to the tree house. 
''Grandma who's Niall?'' Kammy asked.
  ''Well he's your father of course.'' I tell her.
''No grandma. Who's Niall James Horan?'' She asks again.
  ''Oh. Umm he's a very old friend of mine.'' I say.
''Can I ask you something?'' She asked.
     ''Of course. Honey you know you can ask me anything.'' I say.
'' Ok well how can I put this. Why doesn't dad look like Grandpa Ben?'' She asked.
  ''Darling.'' I take a breath.
''Gram's I found this.'' She says as she hands me a Photo Album.
 My eyes widen.
  ''Where did you find it exactly?'' I ask.
''In the attic.'' She says.
   ''Darling could you make a cup of tea please?'' I ask.
''Sure.'' She says.
        She walks back inside to the kitchen. I take a breath. I open the photo album.
                    'OUR PHOTO ALBUM
        I can't believe Jr. had the this the whole time. I look at the bottom of the page. 

         'To the love of my life, Elena Rider. 
         Our love will go on forever.
        I Love You.
                                ~Niall James Horan

        I turn the page. I see Pictures of One Direction. I see more Pictures. Every page I turn there's pictures of 1D. I smile at all time we had fun. I turn the page and I see a Collage shaped into a heart of me and Niall. And another one Collage but its not a heart. I turn the page. I see a picture of me holding Baby Niall. And Another one. And finally a picture of Niall holding baby Niall. I turn the page and there was nothing. I guess that was the last picture of Niall. I close the book and I go inside.
''Kammy can you please tell the kids its time to come in please?'' I ask her.
  ''Sure'' She says. She walks outside. 
        I grab my cup of tea that Kammy made for me. I drink it. I see the kids running inside. They stop when they get to the dinning room. I look at the clock and its already 8. I walk over to the kids.
 ''Ok guys go take a shower. So we can have dinner.'' I say.
  They nod their heads. They all run upstairs. Kammy and I started to make dinner.

~An Hour Later~

        They ate already. I let them watch a little bit of TV. And now its time for them to go to bed. We all walk upstairs. And we head towards the guestroom. We all get inside. I see Gracie has the photo album. She opens it. And turns the page and she smiles but then has a confuse face. Kammy, Alex, and Jenna walking to Gracie's little bed. They look at the photo album to. Gracie whispers something to them. She looks up and I see her eyes starring at me.
''Grandma why does daddy look like this guy in the photo album?'' She asks.
  ''Well. I'll tell you later now guys get into your beds.'' I say.
''Can you tell us a story please?'' Gracie asks.
    ''Sure ok. Once Upon A Tim-'' I say but I get interrupted.
''No grandma. Tell us the story of Nell the guy with the blonde hair in the album.'' She says.
  ''Well honey its Niall like your dads name and ok but its a long story.'' I warn them.
''Its ok we have until daddy comes home.'' Jenna says.
  ''Ok now lets go back to 2013.'' I say.
        I guess its time for them to know about Niall James Horan.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(A/N I'm sorry if you think This is a small chapter. )(Also when it says picture and collages look it up on google and search up one direction collages to get an idea.)

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