The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


18. Chapter 18

"Niall? Can we talk?" She asked.

I look at him. His smile disappears. He looks straight at her. I look at her and Niall. She was smiling. I wasn't expecting this. No one was doing anything. I walked away from them. I'm letting anyone mess up this day. I felt a little hand wrapped my pinkie. I see a small kid with brown hair. The kid looked up. He smiled. I giggled. I got down at his height.

"Hey kid. Where's your mom?" I asked.

"Mommy pay." he said with his tiny voice.

"Well kid lets go back to mommy."I said as I got back up to my height.

We walked the ticket booth. We began to skip out of no where. He giggled.

"Hey kid whats your name?" I asked.

"Brandon." He said.

"BRANDON!" A lady yelled as she ran towards us. She picked up her son. "Don't ever do that again." He cried. "Thank you for finding him." She said as she walked away. Brandon waved goodbye.

I walked towards the entrance again. I look where the guys were. I see Niall and Holly talking. He was smiling.

"Don't get jealous." I heard Louis say behind me.

"I'm not. I'm just worried. That's all." I said as I looked back at Louis.

"Worried of what?" Zayn asked.

"Worried that he might leave you for her?" Liam asked.

I nod as I looked back at Niall. I felt someone picking me up. I screamed. I guess that's what got everyone's attention. I laughed. Telling the person to put me down.

"Never darling." I heard Josh exclaim.

I laughed. He finally put me down. We entered the amazing world DISNEYLAND. I smiled. I felt two arms around my waist. I jump a bit.

"Calm down its just me." I heard that Irish accent.

"Okay." I mumbled.

"Hey whats wrong?" he asked.

"Nothing. I just don't like her." I said as Holly passed by winking at Niall in front of me. I tried to walk to her but Niall pulled me back. He turned me around to look at him.

"Hey. Hey. Hey. I don't like her. I like you only you." He said as he kissed me.

"Hey love birds stop being cute and come on lets go on the rides." Louis yelled at us.

We ran to them. We went on the train. We went to the Haunted Mansion,Splash Mountain, and Indiana Jones. We got on a train it took us to TomorrowLand. I saw a place where you can drive cars. We got in line. We waited about an hour and thirty minutes. We finally came in front. We heard a girl voice calling for Niall. I rolled my eyes. He let go of my hand. I looked at him. He looked at Holly. She was smiling and standing next to him. I took a few steps away from him. I was all by myself (A/N: I was singing that part. You now that song ."All by myself. Don't wanna be all by myself." hehehe sorry back to the story). We finally go in our cars. I got a red one. Harry and Josh got a yellow one. El and Louis got a blue one. Lou and Lux got a shiny blue one. Zayn and Perrie got a shiny red one. Liam and Dani got a green one. Niall ended up with Holly. They got a orange one. I saw the guy giving me a thumps up to go. I smiled and drove. It was amazing. I saw little car parks. I went under the tunnel. I haven't been in a ride like this. I was happy. I saw Niall and Holly laughing passing by me. He looked at me and smiled. I just looked away. I drove faster. I bumped into a car in front of me. I banged my head on the wheel. I rubbed my head. I touched my forehead. I saw blood. I wipped it off. We finally got off of the ride. The guy that worked there saw my forehead. I startd to feel dizzy. I got out. The guy helped me. He walked me over to the side. Harry ran towards me.

"I'll take her." Haryy told the guy.

"Who are you." the guy asked.

"I'm her brother." he said.

"Alright here you go." he said as he got my hand and passed me to Harry. He grabbed me by the waist. He lead me to a table. He got a wet napkin. He cleaned my forhead. It wasn't that big. He told me to sit still. I pushed his hand away from my head.

"I'm okay. I promise. I was just a bit tired. Thats all." I told him.

"You have a small cut but you bleed a lot." He chuckled.

I smiled. I looked down at my legs. I looked behind him. I see the rest of the guys running towards me. Niall was pushing them out of the way. With Holly behind him. I looked down again. Niall held my chin and lifted my head up so he can see my mini scar. He got down at my height. He got a dry napkin. He cleaned the rest of the blood. I got his hand and moved it away from my forehead. He frowned.

"Don't." I mumbled.

"Niall I wanna go on a ride. Come on." Holly whined.

"But I have to take care of-

"No Niall go. Don't worry about me." I said as Harry put a band aid on my forehead.

"Come on Niall." Holly whined even louder.

He kissed my cheek. Holly smiled and grabbed his hand and disappeared in the crowd.

Everyone looked at me.

"I'm losing him." I said as looked at the bloody napkin.

(A/N: Hey another chapter. Yay. Bye)

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