The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


17. Chapter 17


        We all got to the hotel. The girls where put in a different room. The guys had to share 2 different rooms. The girls kept asking about my relationship is going with Niall.
"Come on tell us how is he in bed." Perrie laughed.
 "Perrie. That's disgusting." Eleanor said.
"I just wondering."She giggled.
 "What happen to the sweet Perrie." Danielle
"I bet it was Zayn."I giggled.
 "Maybe." Eleanor and Danielle said at the same time.
        We were all awake. We all just talked about our boyfriends. Perrie always tried to make me tell her how Niall was in be. How should I know? Yea, I'm his girlfriend but we never done it. I always end up changing the subject. We tried to fall asleep but Perrie ends up farting which makes us ending up laughing. She's not lady like sometimes, but that's what makes Perrie amazing. We ended up having a spa in the room. We all just told each other stories which was awesome. We were not tired at all. I looked at the clock it was 2 in the morning. None of us looked tired. None of us yawned. I got up and put my shoes and sweater on. They gave a confuse look. I got a map and pointed at the words Hollywood. They all ohh'd and did the same. We got the address of the hotel and got in a cab. We all talked. We stopped and got out. I paid the guy. We looked around. My first time in LA and first time in USA. We all walked started to walk towards the Wax Museum . We all went in. We figures of the boys. We took pictures of and with them. We were about to walk out but I saw a wax figure that I loved. The one and only Paul Walker. I was sad that he died. I walked to his figure. I hugged it like if he was real. I could just cry but he wouldn't us to cry. The girls took of picture of me hugging it. And other pictures of me the wax figure. I kissed his cheek. I got my E.O.S and put it all over my lips.
"He was waxy." I giggled.
        They just rolled their eyes and chuckled. We walk on the streets of Hollywood. We went to Forever 21. We bought New sunglasses and phone cases. I finally yawned. I look at my phone. 5 in the morning. We all got in a cab and went back to the hotel. We went to our room. We took off our shoes. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. They girls did the same. We all got on the bed. Perrie and El shared. I shared with Dani.
"Night Dani. Night El. Night Perrie."I yawned.
 "Night."They said.
"Night Lena. Night Dani. Night El." Perrie said.
 "Night." we said.
"Night El. Night Perrie. Night Lena."Dani yawned.
 "Night." We said.
"Night guys." El said.
 "Night." we said.
        I closed my eyes. Right when I was about to sleep, Perrie farted. We all just laughed. We all laughed for a bit and the room went quiet. Finally going to sleep.
                        ~2 hours later.~
        I was woken up by some thing on my lips. I open my eyes. I see Niall in front of me. I smiled a bit. I sat up. I see Danielle sleeping peacefully. I look at El and Perrie. They were sleeping peacefully. I wrap my arms around Niall's neck.
"Take me to your room please." I begged.
         He put his arm under my legs and an arm under my neck. He took me to his room. When he opened the door the boys were all watching tv. He put me down the folding bed. I smiled. I grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around my body. I rested my head on the pillow. I close my eye. I hear the boys whispering. I felt like they were whispering about me. I thought of something. I turned around facing the wall.
"Zayn your girlfriend has a farting problem." I said as I though last night.
         The boys were laughing. I can tell that Zayn was blushing.
 "But don't worry. That's what makes her awesome." I mumbled.
 "I see you had your nails done." Niall said as he held me hand.
 "Yea. We had a night spa. Then we went to Hollywood. It was beautiful and amazing." I said as I turned and face the guys.
"Yea and you didn't invite." Louis gave me his sassy voice.
 "Well you guys looked tired when we got here. And second of all we had a girls night out. And it was fantastic." I said as I sat up from the bed and laid my head on Niall's shoulder.
"You too are to cute to look at." Zayn said.
 "Well don't be jelly." I said as I kissed Niall's cheek.
        Few hours has passed. The girls finally got up. We all ate. We changed into our outfits. We walked out they looked nice their outfits . Which included Josh. He looked awesome with his Minnie Mouse ears. Lou and Lux cam out of their room. She looked really cute. We all walked to the ticket booth, We bought our tickets. Once got them we all walked to the entrance. We asked an old lady if she could take a picture of us. We all posed. She took the picture and smiled and left. We all walked to the entrance of Disneyland. We all talked. I looked at Niall. He smiled. He leaned in. Right when we were going to kiss a girl voice called out his name.
 "Niall?" a girly voice said.
   We turned around and seeing the one and only...
        Holly Scally.

(A/N: So I finally wrote another chapter. Yay! So tell what you think. Good? Bad? "Tonig-ght Your min-ne. Does he know that you'll never go back." -One Direction. Sorry I had to. Peace.)

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