The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


16. Chapter 16


               Old Elena's POV:
        I saw them all closing their eyes. They're tired. I told them to got to sleep. I know the'll be asking for the story when they wake up. I go to bed. I look through the photo album again, like I've seen it before. I start wondering Niall and the last time I saw him. I close the photo album before I start crying. I put it on the desk next to my bed. I close my eyes.
        I was in a room. I see myself in a wedding dress. I look down at my skin. I see no more wrinkles. I see a mirror. I look at myself. I see my young self. I see my hair my brown hair. I walk out of the door. I see a garden. I walk towards it. I see beautiful roses. I see a guy with white cloths picking up flowers. I see another guy with white cloths also. He's looking up at the trees. I step on a branch. They both turn around. I see...
        I walk up by the noise of people screaming. I walk downstairs. I see their all on the couches jumping and screaming. I see Alex looking all over the place for something. I ask what he was looking for he was looking for a mouse. I see a mouse on the counter in the kitchen. I walk to it and I grab it. I pet it. I can feel his little heart beating really fast. I let him go outside.
"You girls gave it a heart attack for screaming to much." I said as I washed my hands.
 "But their really small and they bite." Jenna said.
"But you need to be nice to t honey." I yawned.
 "Kammy make them some pancakes." I mumbled.
"Alright now you may go on with your story." Gracie said.
 "Why do you guys like it so much." I asked as I sat down on a chair in the dining room.
"Because its  like a fairy tale. But it happen all to you." Kammy said they all agreed.
 "Alright. Alright. So I was on my way to Disneyland." 
        Young Elena's POV:
        We were all in a jet to Los Angeles. Liam was sitting to Louis. Harry and Zayn together. Niall and Josh. Perrie, Eleanor, Danielle sitting next to each other.I was laying down across from them. I was on my phone looking at photos of me and my old friends. I smile. I look at the video that we made long time ago. I saw John wearing a women's cloths and falling on the floor because he couldn't walk in them. I laughed. I was so close to falling off the couch. I look at the other videos. I wished that I can go back to that day. I change the video. I see an old picture of myself. I see my chubby self. I smile goes away. I remember walking down the falls of high school and being called names. Thankfully John was there to help me out. I change the pictures. I see pictures of me and Niall on our first date. Our first picture when we were a couple. I heard the lady on the microphone to  sit down because we were about to land. I see Louis buckling me up. I roll my eyes. He sat next to Eleanor. All the boyfriends sat next to their girlfriends. Well Harry sat next to Josh. I just gotta say. If Harry hanged out with Josh more then I would totally ship them. I went o my twitter and tweeted. "I ship Jarry." I smiled and pressed send. I look at  Niall sitting next to Paul. I saw Baby Lux sitting next to me. I read her some books. We finally landed after 15 minutes. I felt the jet stop. I looked at Lux. I gave her a big smiled. The lady said that we could get off. I grabbed my stuff. I walked off. I heard my name being yelled out behind me. I see Lux running down the steps. Her mother yelling at her to be careful. She tripped. Everyone rushed to her. She was about to fall on her face. I ran to her and catch her before she was going to have a boo oo. Her nose was 3 inches away from it when she was in my arms. She gasped. I laughed.
"Be careful next time Lux. You could get a big boo boo. Right here and here and here." I said as I pointed different parts on her body. She gasped. I nodded. 
 "Promise me that you will not run down the steps." I said I put out picky as I put her on my hip. 
 "Pwomise." She said as she wrapped her little pinky on mine.

(A/N: Sorry this chapter sucked. I'll make the next one better. Maybe a little bit of drama. We'll see.)

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