The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


15. Chapter 15


        I walked in the foggy woods. I was dressed in a white sleeping gown. With no shoes on. My feet touching the wet grass. I walked around in the fog. I saw a person with their back facing towards me. I walked to the person. I finally reached the person. I poked the person. The person turned around. It was grandma. I attacked with a hug. I cried on her shoulder. She rubbed my back trying to calming down. She whispered sweet things in my ear. 
"Elena. Honey its time to let go. I'll always love you." The last thing she whispered in my ear. She started to slip out of my arms. 
        She walked away. I cried. I ran towards her. She started to disappear in the fog. I tripped. I grasped on the wet grass. My voice breaking when I try to call out for my grandma. I felt the tears running down my cheeks. I looked around. Everything was disappearing in the fog.
"I'll always love you..."

        I shot up. I looked around. I saw Niall sleeping hugging his pillow. I get off of the bed. I grab a blanket. I walked out of the room quietly. I walk out to the backyard. I sit on a chair. I look up at the sky. I cuddle into my blanket. Tears running down my cheeks. I hear a chair being dragged close to me. I see Harry cuddled up into his blanket. 
"The news must've hit you really hard." Harry said.
 "What do you think? She took care of me when my parents got into a fight. She's the only one who went to my graduation. The only one who actually cared of me." I snapped.
"Sorry..."Harry mumbled.
I rubbed my face. I shook my head. "No I'm sorry." I said as I got closer to Harry.
"You know we're all here for you." Harry said as he got closer. Our chairs were touching.
 "I know." I said as I laid my head on his shoulder. 
"If I should stay, 
I would only be in your way. 
So I'll go, but I know 
I'll think of you ev'ry step of the way. 

And I will always love you. 
I will always love you. 
You, my darling you. Hmm. 

Bittersweet memories 
that is all I'm taking with me. 
So, goodbye. Please, don't cry. 
We both know I'm not what you, you need. 

And I will always love you. 
I will always love you. 

I hope life treats you kind 
And I hope you have all you've dreamed of. 
And I wish to you, joy and happiness. 
But above all this, I wish you love. 

And I will always love you. 
I will always love you. 
I will always love you. 
I will always love you. 
I will always love you. 
I, I will always love you. 

You, darling, I love you. 
Ooh, I'll always, I'll always love you. " He sang softly.
        I quietly cried on his shoulder. I hear him hum the song. I wrapped my arms around his arm. We stay there for a long time. 
                        ~Next Day~
        I wake in the cold. I hear sot snoring above my head. I touch the head. I feel curls. I smile a bit. I close my eyes again. I remember the dream I had last night. I thought of the place I was at. I move a bit. I hear a voice calling my name. I hear the slide door open. I would turn my head to see who it was but I don't want to wake up the sleeping beauty. I open my eyes.  I see beautiful Blue eyes looking at me. I give Niall a small smile.
                         I looked back I saw the guys talking. I looked at Niall I pulled him to me. I woke up Harry. He smiled.

"Harry you snore." I told him.

"I do not." He argued.

"You do. And it's ok. Everyone fan will think that's cute. I found that cute once. But now I have Niall but he down snore." I said as I looked at Niall. I looked at the picture that Niall drew. It was a picture of two stick figures. I laughed when I realized it's me and Harry. I pull Niall for another kiss. We ended up making out. I heard Harry groan. I smiled. I pulled away. We all decided to go back inside. I saw Ana and John leave. We all walk into the kitchen.

"Hey guys tomorrow we're going to the U.S. And we're going to Disneyland." Zany said with a happy voice.

(A/N: Hello guys so here you guys go. I hope you like it. And Yea. I feel like adding a new character. Still deciding. But idk we'll see. Sorry for any spelling errors.)

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