The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


13. Chapter 13

I walk to baby Lux. Best Song Ever comes on the radio. I smile. I start dancing on my way to her. I do some weird moves which made Lux laugh. I do funny faces as I dance. I just met Paul like an hour ago. Which I gotta say he's looks scary but he's really nice. He's also ready protective of the boys which a good thing. He's like a father to them. I pick up Lux. I take her to the kitchen. I put her on the counter I look at her every minute to make sure she doesn't fall or get hurt. I take out a juice boxes. I grab two. We go outside. I'm kinda sad that I lost my job. But I'm happy that I get to take care of Lux. It's away better than working with that jerk Jośe. I put Heartbreaker by Justin Bieber. I change Lux into a Swimsuit . I put flower sunglasses on her and sunscreen also. I change into a Swimsuit. We walk out to the back yard. I start blowing up the baby pool. Once it was big a puffy, I turned on the water. I had 5 buckets I threw water in the baby pool. It lasted for about 1 hour and 37 minutes. It was finally done. I got out 2 chairs for me and Lux. I put sunscreen on her again just to make sure. I did the same. I got the speakers out and I blasted Story Of My Life. Lux and I just sat there look at the water. I gave her a juice box. I drink my juice box. We waited for a little bit. She finally got up and went in the pool. I grab some her toys. I give her American Doll ( I think that's what their called) with the same swimsuit as hers. She plays around with it. I go inside to get us some ice cream cones. I go back out I don't see her. I drop the ice cream. I look every where in the backyard. I run inside I check in every room. I run to the living room. I see Niall's head in the kitchen. I run to him. He turns around. I see Lux in his arms. I run to them.

"Lux!" I said as I grabbed her and carried her. I hug her really tight. She hugs back."thank god you found her." I said.

"Your welcome?" He says confusedly." by the way you look fantastic." He blushed.

"Huh?" I said as I looked down at myself. Oh my bikini. I blushed."t-thanks." I said as look at the floor. I run outside. I see the ice cream melted on the ground.

I see Niall stripping. I covered Lux's eyes as I closed my eyes shut. I hear a cough. I peeked a bit. I just see him in his swim shorts. I remove my hand from Lux's face and I open my eyes. I don't see Niall anymore. Next thing you know I feel water dropping on me head. I hear Lux squealing. I gasped. I look over at Niall I see him laughing. I grab on to Lux really tight. I grab a bucket. I throw it at him. I hear him scream like a girl. I begin to laugh really hard. I see him walking over to the buckets but he slips and falls. I laugh even harder that tears are falling down my cheeks. I feel water on me again. I put Lux down. I turn on the sprinklers. We ran away from him. We began to throw water at each other. I walk away and grab some water balloons that aren't made yet. I start fulling them with water. I have at least 50 in each bucket. I drag them towards Niall and Lux. I throw one at Niall. I grab 2 buckets for me and Lux. Niall got one. We start throwing at each other, but since it might hurt Lux we just pop the water on top of her head.

"What hell is going on?!" I hear Louis yell. We froze in our spot. Thankfully I had one more water balloon. I see the guys behind him. Smiling. I smile. I throw the water balloon at Louis. He screams. He takes of his cloths and shoes which left him with his boxers. The boys do the same. We all had a water fight again. We had so much fun we had 2 groups. Me,Lux,and Harry in one group and Louis,Niall,Zayn,and Liam on the other. We all made 5 buckets of water balloons. We had captains; Lux was our captain. And I'm guessing that Louis was theirs. Which I was right. We started water balloon fight when we heard a car honk. Which it didn't take that long. Harry and I surrounded Lux so she doesn't get hurt. I feel two arms picking me up. I laugh. The person turns me around. I see Niall's beautiful blue eyes. We both lean in. Our lips meet.

"Lena no." I hear Lux say.

I feel two little hands on my legs. I look down. I pick her up. I put her in my hip. I look at Niall. He does the kiss a kissy face. I lean in. When our lips were about to touch, I feel a little hand on my lips. I look at Lux. She shakes her head. I nod. I turn around and walk away. I see Lux looking at Niall.

"My Lena." She tells Niall as we walk to Harry.

"I think Baby Lux is a little jealous of Niall." He laughs. I guess the guys must of heard him because they were giggling. I raise one of my eyes brows. I give Lux to Harry. I walk to Niall again. I smile. I raise my brow again. I lean towards him. Right when we were gonna kiss I feel a little hand in my head pushing me back. I see Harry carrying her. I smile.

"My Lena Niall. My Lena." She says in a sassy voice.

"Share?" He asks.

"No." She says.

We all walk inside. I take a quick shower and I changed into the cloths I was in before. I change Lux in different cloths. Lou came and picked her up. She paid me 60 dollars. She leaves. Which leaves me with Niall and the guys. I smile. I kiss him goodbye. I walk out. I look at my phone I see a 2 missing text massages. I see the first one from Niall,'hey babe. I miss you already.' And another one from mom? Mom?' Hey darling call me please it's an emergency.' I call her. I hear her crying. I hear a voice calling me.

"Mom? Mom are you ok? What happen?" I ask worried.

"Honey your grandma passed away." She cried.

(A/N: im on break more chapters this week.)

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