The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


11. Chapter 11

I stand up and go to the bathroom. I clean my face. But thanks god that the make up is waterproof. I walk out and I see Niall giving me sad eyes. I walk to him and hug him. He hold me tight. I'm ready for a relationship. But I guess I'm scared that it might happen again. But I know that Niall isn't like that. But I don't know if Niall is the one. But I guess I could give it a try. "Niall I'll give it a try." I said as I pull away a bit. "Give what a try?"he asks. "I'll give us a chance." I say as I look up at him. "Really?!" He exclaims. I nod. He hugs me and picks me up and spins me around. The guys walk over to us and gives us a confuse look. I laugh as he puts me on the floor. I look at Harry he gives me a you-two-are-dating look. I nod. He smiles and hugs Zayn. Zayn gives Harry an odd look. The boys asks us what's up. Since Niall is to happy to ask. Harry tells them. Next thing their all hugging me. "Guys. Guys I can't breath." I try to say. "Sorry.sorry." They all say. They all let go of me. I smile. My phone rings. I answer it. "Hello?" I says. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" I hear someone girly voice yelling. I move the phone away from my ear. "Do you know?" a girl says. I check my phone. I see Ana's phone number on it. "Do I know what?" I ask as I walk away from the guys. "About Niall having a girl friend." she says through the phone. "Yea I know." I say. We talk on the phone. I tell her about me and Niall she screamed for at least 2 minutes. She told me how my life would be if I didn't go out with Niall. And it sound weird and horrible. Then she talked about my future with Niall. I roll my eyes. But I know all this won't happen. Well it can happen but it's to early to think that. I hang up on her. I turn around I see all the guys talking. I walk over to them I sit across from them just listening to their conversation. Do they not notice me sitting here? I lay my head on my hand and just sit there looking at them. Bored. I stand up and walk to the door. I quietly close the door. I go on my phone and look for directions to go back home. I feel someone next to me . I look up I see Niall looking down at me. I put the SnapBack he gave me earlier. I smile up at him. He wraps his arm around me. I stick out my tongue. He walk forward and I walk backwards. We waddle like penguins. He lets me go. I start running away from him. I see a park close by. I run to the closest tree. I hide behind it. I hear Niall calling me name. I giggle. Everything went quiet. I feel someone picking me up. I scream I see its Niall. I start laughing. We joke around like this for a while. The sun starts to set. We walk around a lake. We talk about random stuff. Paparazzi follow us the whole time,but we didn't care. We just goofed around. Who knew that Niall was goofy. I always thought it was Louis but I guess it's both. We answer few questions that the paparazzi ask. But they keep asking us if we were a couple. I say no. Niall understood why. We just said that we were friends. Fans start following us. We stop at a store. We buy a lot if junk food. Fans take pictures of and with Niall. I pay for the food. I talk to the casher. It's weird but I'm weird. Niall walked to me as we walk out. I wave goodbye to the fans and casher. We start walking to my house,since it's closer. On our way there we start singing The Eye of the Tiger. We hear people telling us to shut up. We get to my house. I change into Some cloths. I give Niall his cloths that he let me us last time. He put Supernatural on and we start cuddling and eating the junk food. I eat my bags of Takis. I feel my eyes lids closing. No. Castile just came on. ~Morning~ I wake up on my bed. I look around. How did I get here? I get out of bed and brush my teeth. I walk to the living room and Niall is sleeping on the couch cuddling onto my blanket. I lift up the blanket and get in. I cuddle close to him. He wraps his arms around me. I watch him sleep peacefully. I run my finger down his neck and face. I close my eyes for 1 minute and I see beautiful blue eyes looking right at me. I smile. "Good morning my cute sweet little potato Irish man." I giggled. "Good morning. Where did that name come from?" He asked. "I had a dream that I said that." I said. "That's really odd."he yawns. I nod. We stay like that for a few more minutes. I sit up and walked to the kitchen. "What do you want to eat?" I asked him. "Pancakes." He replied. I'm happy that we're a thing. ( A/N: ok I didn't try my hardest. I'm just a bit hungry and when I don't have my food I get a bit boring and mad. Sorry for any spelling errors my ipad doesn't let me correct my mis spelled words. "STORY OF MY LIFE" man I love that song. I'm a Harry's girl don't judge me. )

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