The Love I'll Never Forget (Niall Horan Love Story )

It was 2075 when Elena Rider was telling her love story that happen in 2013.When she first met Niall Horan where there love begins after One Direction's concert in London United Kingdom.


10. Chapter 10

Young Elena's POV:

I look at the phone. I reread the message; again and again and again. I think of the secrets I've never told anyone. I've told all my secrets to Ana. No she pinky swear that she'll never tell a soul about my secrets. I walk home. I get home and I lock my doors and my windows for just in case. I turn on the TV I watch Supernatural. I keep texting Harry. Sometimes we flirt with each other but just as friends. I turn off the TV. I look at a text that Harry just sent.'Meet me at Starbucks.' I go to my room and change into Nice Red Dress. I walk to Starbucks. On my way there I look back I see 4 guys in black hoodies. I walk a bit faster. I look back and they're walking faster. I panic . I begin to run. I hear feet running after me. I feel the cold breeze in my face. I turn again their at least 10 people behind. I bump into some one. I look at the person I bump into.Niall. I try to run away,but his large hands are holding on to me. I try to catch my breath. "Hey what's wrong. Calm down." He said as he looks me in the eyes. I turn around I see the guys greeting closer. Niall turns around he tries to look for who I'm staring at. He takes off his sweater and puts it around me. He wraps his arm around my shoulder. I look up at him. I look back once more they look for me. I hide my face in his chest as I hug him. I look from the corner of my eye, I the 4 guys looking for me. They walk away. I let out a deep breath. I smile. I feel 2 arms wrapping around me. My eyes widen. I let go and back up a bit. I stand there awkwardly look at my shoes as I rock back and forth. I hear a chuckle. I look up I see Niall smiling. He grabs my hand and pulls me to him. My chest on his. I look down. We're at position again. I hear him chuckle again. I see flashes all around us. I see the paparazzi taking photos. I cover my face with my hands. I feel a hat on my head. Niall pulls it down so they don't see my face. He pulls me. He starts to walk towards a building. He opens the door pulling me in with him. He walks at the end of the hall. He opens the door. I see a Starbucks. We walk towards it. I see Harry walking around with a worried look on his face. We finally get to where he is. Harry was about yo hug me but he looking down at my hand. I give him a weird look. I look down I see Niall and I still holding hands. I look back up and I see Harry with a big smile on his face. I roll my eyes. I want to let go of his hand but at the same time I don't want to. I smile at Harry I punch him with my free hand. We laugh. Niall looks back, I do the same. We both see paparazzi. All 3 of us walk into Starbucks. We order our drinks. I hear a cough behind me. I look back I see 5 girls with smiles on their faces. "Could we get a picture with the boys please?" A girl with blonde hair asked. I nod my head. I let go of Niall's hand. He looks down at me with a frown. I point to the girls behind us. He pats Harry's chest they look at the fans. I hear my name being called out. I walk over to get my drinks. I grab Hazza's and Niall's drinks I set them on a table near them. I look at the boys they seem so happy with their fans. I get a text. 'Haven't figured out what secret I'm talking about. I'll give you a hint beauty. Think really hard.' I read the text as I finished my drink. I reread the message. Beauty? Beauty! I think 2 years ago. I feel a tap on my shoulder. I jump a bit. I turn my face I see all the boys. When did they get here? I feel tears in my eyes. I wipe them away fast. I turn around. I walk out. I feel someone holding my hand. I look down at our hands. I look up I see Harry giving me a sad face. I give him a big hug. We stand there for a few seconds. I feel him pull away and walking me somewhere. We walk in his house. I sit on the couch. Tears flow down my cheeks. "What's wrong?" Zayn asked. "Nothing." I mummer. "Your lying. Now tell us what's wrong." Louis said. "I keep getting text from some with a blocked number. And it brought up a personal problem." I sadly said. "What's the problem." Liam asked. "2 years ago. I was with my ex boyfriend and we where just hanging out at his house.i told him I had to leave but he said to stay. He wanted to give me surprise. So I stayed. And his friend came over and they started to drink. They were drunk and out of no where I feel a hand on my leg. I move the hand and it look over I see the friend smiling at me. He starts pulling up my shirt. Then my ex came in he got mad. And…and he abused me." I cried. (A/N: sorry for the suckish ending. But I'll try my hardest to make the next chapter better. )

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