Who Am I?

Allison is a 14 years old girl who just want to have a family. When her mom died, she told her to find her father, which is the only one Liam Payne. How gonna Liam react? Will the others lads and their kids accpet her? Will someone fall in love?
Sorry guys, I speak french, so if there is mistakes... And it's my first movellas so pleaz no hate.


4. Who?!

Allison POV

I took a deep breath and started my story. "Ok, Max, you need to understand that I didn't choose it, ok? And please, please Max, don't judge me..." I said. "Alright Ally, I promise" He said. I was afraid, but I continue. "When I was 12, my mom started to date a guy named Corry. He was really nice, at the beginning. A day, I saw Corry beating up my mom. I screamed and ran to my bedroom. I took the phone and called the police. Before they reached, Corry came up to me and beat me, like he did to my mom. She was staring at us, screaming at him to stop. When the police reached, I was unconscious. I lost a lot blood. And then my mom started a depression. She started to drink and took drugs. I was going at school and I was one of the most popular girl of the school, but when my mom started her depression, people started to bullied me. And when I was 13, Corry went out of jail, and came to us. He raped my mom, and beat me. After, he just ran out of our lives, but I know he will try to find me again, cause the second time he beat me, I took a knife and I cut his face. He is now blind of one eye. He said it to me. He said, I'm gonna come back and kill all of your family! So now, I'm just freaking out, cause you are my family. And he will do it, he will find me, and try to kill you." I said. Max looked shocked. "Don't worry Allison, he will NOT find you, and if he do, I'm gonna protect you, He will never lay a finger on you." Max said. I smiled and cry in his chest. "Now, try to sleep babe..." He said. I nodded. "Stay with me?" I said. He nodded, and we fell asleep quickly.


The next morning, I woke up and saw that Allison was not beside me. I got up and walked in the living room. She was there, talking and laughing with Joey. I felt weird. What was that felling? Jalousie? NO! Not jalousie! Anyway, why would I be jealous? I walked to them and sat beside them. "Morning Styles" Joey said. "Morning mini Tommo" I answered. "Hey, I'm bigger then you Curly" Joey said. "Oh, shut up Carrot Man!" I said. Yes, just like Louis, Joey is a big fan of carrot. Allison looked at us, and started to laugh. I smiled. Then, Molly and Ben went in the living room. "Morning guys" Ben said. "Morning" Molly said to. "I'm hungry." She said back. I smiled, Molly's always hungry. "Well, I'm gonna go make some pancakes." Allison said. We all nodded. "I'm gonna go help her" Molly said. She got up and leaved.

Molly POV

I went in the kitchen to help Ally. "I wanna help" I said. She nodded. We did a couple of pancakes, and did our "girls talking". "Molly, ask Ben to go out with you" She said. I blushed. "What are you talking about" I said. "You like Ben, Molly." She answered. I blushed harder. "No I do not!" I said. "Alright, well, I'm gonna go ask if you don't go!" She said. "NO! Ok... you're right, I like him. But he don't like me in the same way! I mean... which smart guy would like me?" I asked. "Molly, you are beautiful. Don't think of the opposite." She answered. "And if you don't try to ask him, you will never know how he feel about you. Take a chance and go" She said. Maybe she's right... "I don't know Ally!" I said. "Do what you want to do. But you will never know the answer if you don't try." Ok, she IS right. "Alright, you're right. I'm gonna do it, but this afternoon." I answered. "YES!!!!" She yelled. "Oh, shut up" I answered smiling. 



Hello everyone! Do you think Corry will come back? I'm not even sure, so if you guys want to choose, well just tell me. And you can tell me which guys Allison will date, cause I didn't choose either. I really don't know... Anyway, I'd like to read one of your story, so tell me the one of one of yours and I'm gonna read it... And I'm gonna be very busy at school, so sorry if I don't update for a while, but I,m gonna try very hard to update.


Luv you so much





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