Who Am I?

Allison is a 14 years old girl who just want to have a family. When her mom died, she told her to find her father, which is the only one Liam Payne. How gonna Liam react? Will the others lads and their kids accpet her? Will someone fall in love?
Sorry guys, I speak french, so if there is mistakes... And it's my first movellas so pleaz no hate.


2. Truth or dare

Allison POV

After the supper, the kids went in their bedroom to play games. The teens (Molly, Max, Joey, Will, James, Edward, Darcy, Masson, Rarity and Ben) and I went in the living room. "Lets play truth or dare" Joey said. I smiled, this guy was special. "Alright, I start, Molly, truth or dare?" Max said. "Dare" Molly answered. Max thought a little, but then he had a evil smile "Lick Joey's face" "WHAT NO" Joey yelled. Molly smiled and nodded. She did. Joey screamed and ran in the bathroom. Everybody was laughing. When Joey came back, he started to blush. "Heumm... Ally, truth or dare" Molly asked, Oh, shit! I hate when it's my turn! "Heumm, truth?" I said, not sure if it was a good choice. "If you had to date one if the guys here, which one would you choose" Molly asked. Shit! "Don't know" I said. "We need an answer, but don't worry, we will not take it personal." Joey said, sure that he would win. "I would probably date Max. or Ben" I said. Max got up and started to dance and yelled "SHE LOVE ME" WHAT! "Max, I don't love you! I barely know you!" I said. He stopped and them said "Don't be shy babe, I know I'm hot!" I started to laugh so hard! "What's so funny! I AM FUCKING HOT!" He yelled again. It just made me laugh harder. "OMG! You can't be serious, cant you!?" Molly asked laughing to. "Alright, Max, truth or dare?" I asked. "Dare" He answered. "I can't give him anything thing to do, I'm not good to find something funny" I said. Joey got up and whispered something to Molly, and she started to laugh, and then nodded. "Kiss Ally." Joey said. "NO WAY!!!" I screamed. But Joey nodded and came closer to me. I got up and ran in the kitchen. I heard Max running after me. "C'mon Ally, it's not like it will mean anything! You're such a kid!" I hated when someone called me a kid. I walked back in the living room. Max came closer to me. My heart skipped a beat and I started to panic. "Hey, Ally, calm down, it will be alright." he whispered in my ear. It just made things get worst. He came closer again and then he kissed me. His soft lips were on mine. We pulled away after like 1 minute. "Man, guys!! You like each other!" Joey screamed. I blushed, yes I think I might be in love with him... but it was to soon the be sure.


OMG! We really kissed! Me, Max Brandon Styles kissed Allison Something Payne. I didn't know her middle name. I think I might kinda...like her? No! You don't like her! You barely know her! But hey! Dude! You would be the one she would date! Stop to make me more confused stupid brain! I was lying on my bed, it was like midnight. I heard someone crying. I got up quickly and I realized that it was Allison. I got in her room and saw she was still asleep. "No! Stop it! NO! Help! Mom! Make him stop!" Allison said, and after she continues to cry. I walked to her and shook her hands. "Hey! Ally! Stop! You're all right sweat heart!" I said, waking her up. "Max! You heard me?!" I nodded. She started to cry harder. "Hey, what's up?! Tell me!" I said, wondering why the hell she was acting that weird. "Heumm... Welle it's actually a long story..." She said. "I'm ready to listen to you. But if you don't wanna tell me, it's all right." I said. She nodded, but started her story.


Sorry guys, it's a little short! Who do you think will win Ally's heart?! Ben? Joey? Max? I don't know either... Anyway! Goodnight!

Luv you all


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