Who Am I?

Allison is a 14 years old girl who just want to have a family. When her mom died, she told her to find her father, which is the only one Liam Payne. How gonna Liam react? Will the others lads and their kids accpet her? Will someone fall in love?
Sorry guys, I speak french, so if there is mistakes... And it's my first movellas so pleaz no hate.


3. Thought

Harry's thought

The daughter of Liam is really nice! She seamed to like the other kids. Especially Max... It would be nice if they would be dating...

Niall's thought

Allison seemed nice, she gave me her left over of food! I already liked her!

Zayn's POV

WOW! Liam was a father of a girl... And he already accepted it... He is courageous! But Allison seemed nice. She seemed to like Molly, Ben, Max and Joey more than the others. I think they would be cute, Ben and her, if the would be dating... Maybe a day....

Louis's thought

Allison was so sweet! She looked confused but anyway, she looked happy. And it's the important. Joey didn't stopped to make her laugh... It was like they had, a... kinda connection, a complicity. They looked to appreciated each other.

Liam's thought

My new daughter was so nice! She was beautiful, cute, funny, smart... Everything a dad would wanted. And Max, Joey and Ben looked to like her a little to much... If one of them lay a finger on her, they are DEAD!!!!!

Ben's thought

Wow! Allison would date me if she wanted! OMG! She was really beautiful, but she was 14 and I was 17... And at school, -I will not lie- I was VERY popular, like Joey and Max. Everybody will think it's bad to date 14 years old girl... But, why do I care? Anyway, she said she would date Max to... And he was 15... Hey! Ben! You don't like her! Not that way!

Molly's thought

The new girl is nice... She seems to love a little bit to much Ben... Yes, I need to admit it, I like Ben, more than a friend... He probably like Allison too, which guy would choose me vs Allison? Anyone!

James's thought

Wow! I've got a sister! She was nice, cute, funny! Wow! I think we would be able to have a strong relation! She seems to like Max a little to much... If he touch her, he is DEAD!!!!

Edward's thought

OMG! My sister is really nice!!! I already liked her! I think we could have a nice complicity. We didn't talked a lot, But it's a feeling.

Will POV

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Allison is just so nice! Everybody seems to like her, and me first! I was so glad that she found dad! I talked to Dad, and he wanted Allison to started school in a week... With us, at Art High School, a school for people who liked art, but Dad don't know is she really liked art, like all of us! I would LOVE her to come at the same school as us. But, does she really liked Art?




Hi guys!!! This is just the thought of the principal person of the story. It just for you to understand how they feel about Allison.

Luv you all, and If you want to tell me the name of one of your story, please do it! I like to read other sotries

Luv you (again :))


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