Little Miss Riding Hood

A Fourth Doctor Who story: There's wolves abroad in Stockby. Can Sinead save the day or will she need help from Mr Smith and his journalist friend Sarah Jane ?



8. Towards Grandma's House

Sinead still felt uncomfortable hanging around at the bottom of the gennelEven though the low life's didn't congregate anymore here since the disappearances had gained in frequency, it wasn't the place to be seen. Sinead was regarded as a good girl. However Jake had spread rumours about what he'd done with her and that had slightly tarnished her reputation. She'd made sure her version of events got out there but there were still knowing winks and nudges in the dining hall by certain students. Luckily she had Mai with her. They stuck to the bushes, trying to blend in less that they might be seen. A few minutes later, but what seemed like an eternity to Sinead, the door of the Police Box opened and out came Sarah Jane. 

'Are you something to do with the Police?' Mai asked curiously. 

'No, this is our base' Sarah Jane replied hesitantly weighing up in her mind how much to give away. 

'It's a bit small,' Sinead commented looking at it, 'must be really ermcosy in there.' 

'It's a lot bigger inside than it looks', Sarah Jane said. The girls looked at each other sceptically 

The door opened again and out came the Doctor followed by what they could only assume was K9. 

'It is a robot,' Mai whispered to Sinead. 

'Shh' said Sarah Jane, 'he's gets upset at that' 

'Mistress?' the mechanical voice said in question. 

'Ah, isn't he cute' said Sinead sinking to a crouch to pat K9. 

'Do not do that please Mistress' said K9 tetchily. 

Unfortunately this didn't quite have the desired effect. 

'He called me mistress, what a cutie pie' Sinead said trying to hug K9 whilst the dog tried to back away. 

'Don't domesticate him,' said the Doctor,' we may need his more offensive talents later' 

Sinead stood up suitably chastised. 

'Right, lets go and visit this Grandma's house then shall we,' he asked, 'could you lead the way Red' 

'The names Sinead' she said with a touch of venom, 'I don't like the name Red' 

'Is that right my dear,' the doctor replied, not picking up the inference in her voice at all, 'lead on Miss Red Hoodie' 

Sarah Jane placed a hand over her shoulder.  

'He's like that at times, gets these ideas in his head and doesn't always listen to what has been said.' Sarah Jane said, 'don't feel angry at him, he's just like that' 

They all walked in silence towards the dam. It was a really nice evening, the warmth was still in the sun as they wandered along the lane. What Sinead noticed most was the total lack of any animal sounds. This area used to be alive with bird and insect noises. In the summer if you were quiet you'd hear a cacophony of different sounds. Now it was silence apart from their footsteps and the noise from the nearby bypass. It had an out of world feel to the whole place, almost alien in appearance. 

The Doctor noticed her mood change and put a hand up to bring them all to a halt. 

'Can you scan the area please K9' he said 

K9 moved around, it's dish like ears twitching. It even appeared to be sniffing the air around them. 

'Scan complete Master, what data do your require', the metallic voice rang out 

'Any lifeforms around here?'  

'I have detected the presence of 6 humans and an alien to the west of us. I cannot determine the composition of the alien but there are numerous z wave generators in the vicinity. Apart from that there appears to be no animal or other life in the immediate vicinity of us' 

'Can you detect any wolves in the area', the doctor questioned K9 

'Negative Master' K9 said 

Sinead looked a little puzzled. 

'So there are no wolves, and what humans are round here?' she said. A sudden thought went through her head 

'Sarah' she yelled, I bet Sarah's there' 

Sinead started towards the water but was stopped by the Doctor. 

'Wait a minute young lady, we need to take things carefully from here. There are no wolves, never have been wolves.' 

'But I saw one' Sinead said indignantly. 

'You thought you saw one, but I think what you saw was one of these shapeshifters, and if I'm not mistaken it's one you know' He said. 

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