Little Miss Riding Hood

A Fourth Doctor Who story: There's wolves abroad in Stockby. Can Sinead save the day or will she need help from Mr Smith and his journalist friend Sarah Jane ?



7. The Library

The Doctor was sat in the Library when Sarah Jane entered. He looked up. He was sat back in his seat with feet up on the desk. The sonic screwdriver dangled from his hand. Obviously he'd been deep in thought, or asleep thought Sarah Jane. She wondered sometimes when he did sleep. He was always tinkering away somewhere in the depths of the Tardis. 

'Ah Sarah Jane, I see another one has gone missing' The Doctor said, 'it appears that whoever is behind these disappearances hasn't got enough yet' 

'Do you think they're dead', Sarah Jane asked tentatively. 

'Dead' said the Doctor leaping to his feet, 'whatever gave you that idea. They're alive Sarah Jane and I think I know how we're going to find them, I think' 

The sudden burst of energy appeared to be too much for the Doctor as he leant against a shelf stack. His sonic screwdriver moved tapping along the shelf until it came to a book. He pulled the book out and opened it. 

'Ah yes Joanne Rowling. I remember sitting next to her in a café in Edinburgh once. She had this writers block, had a long chat with her about a school called Hogwarts. Situated on Frezine in the Gamma sector. Full of wizards it was. Glad she managed to write it all down, although she didn't used the line that Hermione was blushing down to her ample breast' He replaced it and turned to Sarah Jane.  

The door opened and in walked Sinead and Mai. Sinead's face was red and blotchy from all the crying. Sarah Jane went to her and guided them to the comfy seats. 

'Ah Miss Hoodie' the Doctor said. 'I believe that you knew the latest person who went missing.' 

Sinead nodded 

'Friend of yours ?' the Doctor started.  

'No, well yes. I did know him but he wasn't a friend. Sarah was though, she was the first to go missing' 

'Ah, I see. Have you noticed anything suspicious?' the Doctor asked 

Mai looked at Sinead. 

'Tell him about the wolf', she said. 

'Wolf', said Sarah Jane, 'we saw some last night as well' 

Sinead explained to the Doctor about what had happened outside her window. He listened to her story, not interrupting. At the end the four of them sat in silence. 

'So it looked into your eyes?' the Doctor said contemplating. His brow frowned and he suddnely changed tack. 

'Do you know who owns the old building up by the dam?' he asked 

'The old water sports centre?' Sinead said, 'I think it went bust last summer.' 

'Does anyone go there?' Sarah Jane asked 

'Some of the low lives hang out there in the summer, they call it Grandma's house' Sinead answered 

'Grandmas House? 

'Yes, if anyone asks where they are going, they say they're going to Grandma's house. Makes it sound as though they're going somewhere respectable' Sinead said 

'Ah, I see' said the Doctor 

'Jake took you to Grandma's house didn't he' Mai said. 

Sinead crossed her arms in front of her chest, as if in defense. She bristled at the memory. Jake's idea of a date had been a drink around a campfire and then trying to half rape her in the forest. He'd learnt the hard way that night about her kickboxing skills. 

'I think if we were to go up to this place, we might find that we could solve this' The doctor said. He then explained to the girls what they had seen last night. Mai and Sinead listened in horror to what they heard.They had a little problem understanding about K9 though. What exactly was he. 

'Ah K9, my faithful friend. I guess you could call him a robot dog but never use the R word in front of him, he doesn't like it.' the Doctor explained with a smile on his face 

'After school tonight girls, are you up to going to Grandma's house ?' he asked 

'Are you sure Doctor?, Sarah Jane asked, 'won't it be dangerous?' 

'I think little Red here will be an asset tonight, he replied with a twinkle in his eye, 'meet us at the Police Box, now must go and have a sleep' 

With that the Doctor flounced out of the room. Sarah Jane shrugged at the girls and followed him out waving as she went.

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