Little Miss Riding Hood

A Fourth Doctor Who story: There's wolves abroad in Stockby. Can Sinead save the day or will she need help from Mr Smith and his journalist friend Sarah Jane ?



5. Revelations

The Doctor quickly scanned the wolves with his sonic screwdriver 

'Interesting, the Doctor said. He noticed that the wolf was moving closer, barring its teeth. 

'K9, do something' Sarah Jane shouted.  

K9 moved between the wolf and them. A gun barrel appeared out of his nose which he aimed at the slowly advancing wolf. 

'No K9, don't!' the Doctor yelled. 

At that moment the wolf at the other side of the dam raised it's head and an unearthly howl ripped across the water. The other wolves stopped and looked across towards the large wolf. The howl repeated its self. This time the wolves snarled at the Doctor and companions before sliding away into the woods.  

Sarah Jane, her heart pounding, turned towards the Doctor.  

'Why didn't you let K9 protect us ?' she said accusingly. 

'Everything is not what it seems', the Doctor said looking across the water. The large wolf had now moved away from the front of the water sports centre 

'Come on, I need to check some readings in the Tardis' the Doctor said heading back into Stockby. By now it was pitch black. The streets were as empty as before. It really was a strange place to be. Occasionally a car would drive past. It's occupants looking at the strange threesome walking by the roadside.  

It was nearly 2am before they got back to the Tardis. The Doctor went straight to the control room. 

'So Doctor, what was so interesting about those wolves, that you didn't want K9 to hurt them.' 

'Patience, my dear. If I'm right, those wolves aren't real wolves. They show all the sign that they're shapshifters. 

'Shapeshifters, what are they' Sarah Jane enquired 

'Ah, they're creatures that can change their physical shape to anything they want. They don't naturally occur on Earth, so we may be looking on an alien incursion.' 

'Do you think they have something to do with the missing kids?' Sarah Jane asked. 

'Well, if it isn't then we have two mysteries.' the Doctor said with that mischievous look on his face, 'I have a funny feeling that these incidents are all related. If I'm right then we'll be able to find the missing children.' 


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