Little Miss Riding Hood

A Fourth Doctor Who story: There's wolves abroad in Stockby. Can Sinead save the day or will she need help from Mr Smith and his journalist friend Sarah Jane ?



11. Parting of Ways

The Doctor turned to Sinead. 

'Well, Miss Red Hoodie, you showed us what to do. I congratulate you' he said. 

'I'm Sinead,' she said laughing now. Crouching down she hugged K9 

'Thanks for that K9, how would we have done this without you' she said. 

'Thank you Mistress' the mechanical voice rang out. 

'Where are the others. the ones who were wolves, Are they the missing teenagers?' Mai asked 

'Yes, the Vasgard used them to lure more here. When it had enough it would have taken off. The Vasgard used the z-waves to coerce them and to mask their experience. Now the Vasgard has gone we should find they have changed back' the Doctor said. 

They looked towards the tree line and could make out two boys and two girls hiding behind trees. They were as dirty, caked in mud and naked as Sarah had been.  

'What happened to their clothes?' Mai asked 

'They're inside the building' Sarah said.  

Sarah Jane walked over to the door and disappeared. She returned a few minutes later with a pile of what looked like rags. She walked to the trees and handed them to the grateful teenagers. She turned away and walked back to the Doctor. 

Sarah and Sinead were still embracing, so happy to be reunited. 

'Who was that wolf that attacked me?' Sinead asked. 

'Jake', said Sarah, 'what a slimeball he was, he tried to do to me last night what he tried with you. He soon learned I wasn't easy'  

'where is he ?' asked Sinead. 

They scanned the area. Hiding behind the building was a naked figure, Jake. He was trying to hide his nudity. 

The girls laughed. 

'Nothing to hide that one!' Sinead said 

Laughing the three girls wandered off back towards Stockby closely followed by the Doctor and Sarah Jane. 

The other teenagers were scurrying through the undergrowth making their way home.  

'At the Tardis, Sarah, Mai and Sinead stood facing the Doctor and Sarah Jane. 

'Thanks for bringing Sarah back for me', Sinead said. 

'I think your love for your friend and your courage in the face of adversity did more than I could. Oh and K9 helped as well' the Doctor replied. 

'Now you get this little lady home.' he added 

'Will we see you tomorrow?' Sinead asked them 

'No, sorry we're off on holiday tomorrow' the Doctor said opening the Tardis and leaving them 

'Anywhere nice?' Mai asked. 

'Oh, you never know. It'll be exciting though, look after yourselves. Maybe we'll meet again' 

The door shut behind them. 

'Come on Sarah, lets get you home' Sinead said 

As the girls wandered off a strange wheezing, groaning sound. Happy in their conversations the girls continued not noticing that the Police Box had gone. 

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