Little Miss Riding Hood

A Fourth Doctor Who story: There's wolves abroad in Stockby. Can Sinead save the day or will she need help from Mr Smith and his journalist friend Sarah Jane ?



10. Love will Find a Way

One of the wolves started to advance towards Sinead. It was down on it's haunches gettng ready to pounce. Sinead kept her eyes on the wolf, whilst slowly easing backwards away from it. Then in a flash the wolf leaped at her. She fell backwards in her haste to get away from the advancing creature. 

Suddenly she saw another shape jumping over the top of her to face the advancing wolf. At first she thought it was K9, but she quickly realised that it was another wolf. It ripped at the attacking wolf knocking it flying. The attacking wolf ran back whimpering towards the Vasgard 

Sinead realised that the wolf that had come to her aid was the one she'd seen in her garden. Slowly raising herself up to her feet she walked towards the wolf. 

'Stay there' shouted the Doctor. 

Sinead ignored him and stood next to the lone wolf. She reached down and stroked its head. The wolf looked up into her eyes. Sinead saw how happy the wolf looked while she was stroking it. As she looked into the wolfs eyes she noticed a fuzziness around the creature as if it was flickering, even oscillating. 

'Doctor, what's happening to it?' Sarah Jane said. 

'Shh' said the Doctor 

As they watched Sinead stroke the wolf, the shimmering became greater and faster. In an instance the wolf was gone and sat at Sinead's side was Sarah. Sarah was naked and filthy. Mud and other substances were smeared on her body.  

Sinead gasped at the sight of Sarah appearing next to her. As Sarah stood up, Sinead grabbed her in his arms and hugged her, tears running openly down her cheeks. 

'Oh god Sarah, I thought I'd lost you. You were the wolf in the garden.' Sinead blurted out. 

Sarah nodded, tears falling down her cheeks as well.  

'I came everyday to try to find you' Sarah said. 

Sinead took off her red hoodie and gave it to Sarah. Luckily for her, Sinead was a bit bigger than Sarah and the hoodie came down far enough to hide her modesty. 

The Vasgard had been watching this in interest 

'How did she break from my grasp?' it pondered 

'I think you'll find that love played a large part in this. It takes something very powerful to break the z-waves influence.' the Doctor said. 

'That may be, however you're still out numbered. My other slaves will see you all dead' 

'I wouldn't do anything if I were you'  

'And what can you do to stop me' the Vasgard laughed. 

'Not me', the Doctor said. 

'K9 attack' The Doctor ordered. 

'Yes Master' K9 replied. 

A volley of laser blasts came out of the front of K9's nose aimed at the Vasgard. 

The ferocity of the attack sent the beast shimmering. There was a huge explosion and light filled the air, blinding their eyes 

When the glare faded, they looked towards the place where the Vasgard was. In place of the huge wolf was a brown sticky globulous mass. Rubbery tentacles quivered on its flanks. 

'Is it dead?' Sarah Jane asked 

'Unfortunately no. You see before you the true face of the Vasgard. I told you they were ugly' 

'Now Vasgard, I want you to leave this planet and never come back. K9 will put an end to you if you don't' 

The blob on the floor shimmered a little and turned back into the wolf. 

'You win Time Lord' the Vasgard said.  

In an instant the Vasgard disappeared into thin air. A moment later a noise from behind them made them turn towards the dam just in time to see a futuristic shape lift out of the water and head for the stars. 



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