Little Miss Riding Hood

A Fourth Doctor Who story: There's wolves abroad in Stockby. Can Sinead save the day or will she need help from Mr Smith and his journalist friend Sarah Jane ?



4. Investigating

Sinead had a last look out of her bedroom window. She couldn't make out the wolf that had been in her garden. It disturbed her the way it had gazed into her eyes and the howl. The howl was something else. It was a real heart felt cry. The more she thought about it, the more she thought that the wolves had somehow been trying to communicate with her. She resolved to talk to Mai about this in the morning. Sinead shut the curtains and sat on her bed. She pulled the hairbrush though her long red hair. She loved to brush it and get a perfect sheen throughout. Whilst she hated others making fun of the colour, she loved the way it shone in the light. 

If she'd looked out at the moment she'd have observed three figures walking past her house. In front was a man holding some sort of thin device. It looked like a cross between a pen and a screwdriver. Behind were a young girl and a robotic dog. 

'Found anything yet ?' Sarah Jane asked the Doctor. 

'The Z waves seem to be coming from the head of the valley, out by the dam over there. That is if this sonic screwdriver's really working and not on the blink again' he replied 

'K9, can you make out where these waves are coming from' the Doctor asked turning towards the robotic dog. 

'I will attempt to analyse the direction of the Z wave source' K9 stated with his robotic voice. The radar dish ears began to rotate as if sniffing out the source. 

'I concur with you Master, the source of the confluence appears to be 1.2 miles north north east from here.' K9 stated. 

'Ah good, lets go then' the Doctor said setting off. 

'Erm, this way Doctor, the dams down there' Sarah Jane said gesturing towards the head of the valley. 

'Ah yes, that's right' the Doctor said turning around and heading in the direction Sarah Jane had indicated. 

The three of them wandered along the street. They walked past the Fire Station. The streets were deserted. Occasionally a curtain would twitch as a resident would glance anxiously out. It was unusually silent. That was except the howlings of the wolves. Unperturbed by the thought of wolves, after all when you've battled Dalek and Cybermen, a few wolves weren't anything to write home about. 

The road led out of town and towards the bypass passing the reservoir on its way. In the daytime it was wonderfully beautiful, but at night it took on a very sinister appearance. 

'The main conflagration of waves appears to be at the other side of the water, Master' K9 stated 

They paused and looked in the direction K9 had indicated. Across the water was the water sports centre. It had been abandoned a few years ago and was now the hangout of some of the low lives from Stockby. Their attention was drawn to a large wolf stood staring at them from outside. 

'Erm Doctor' Sarah Jane said slowly 


'Look around us, but slowly does it' 

The Doctor  looked around Surrounding them were four wolves. They stood with their mouth wide open, lips curled. The Doctor and his companions stood still. Then one of the wolves started to move slowly towards them. 

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