Little Miss Riding Hood

A Fourth Doctor Who story: There's wolves abroad in Stockby. Can Sinead save the day or will she need help from Mr Smith and his journalist friend Sarah Jane ?



3. In the Tardis

'Are you just messing with that Doctor, or do you really know what you're doing ?' Sarah Jane questioned the Doctor as he leant over some Heath Robinson piece of equipment. 

'What was that?' the doctor replied without looking up. 

'Have you managed to find out where all the kids are disappearing?' Sarah continued. 

'Ah, nearly working' the doctor said. he stood back a moment, flicking his scarf behind him, before theatrically throwing a large switch on the front of the device. A light came on the top of the machine. It glowed for a couple of seconds making a high pitched whine before the light blew and the whine died away. 

'Ah, that wasn't supposed to happen' said the Doctor giving it a bang on the side. This time the light came on and slowly got brighter. The whining had stopped and it appeared that the machine was working. 

'Why do they never work first time?' Sarah Jane asked. 

'Ah well, like me all this stuff is well past it's sell by date' the doctor mumbled leaning down to adjust some dial on the apparatus. He was checking the dials and then turned his attention to some ancient looking television that was connected to it. 

'That looks like it's seen better days' Sarah-Jane said indicating in the direction of the screen. 

'Ah, bought that to watch the Queens Coronation back in 1953, great event, they sold thousands that year.' He said. 

Sarah-Jane looked around her. She'd been travelling with the doctor for a few months now. It had been the most exciting time in her life. The things she'd seen and experienced were totally mind-blowing. She knew that the Doctor always travelled with a companion. His last one had left him to marry a scientist and she'd been in the right place at the right time, or was that the wrong time. She sighed, 'Wonder how long I'll last' she said to no-one in particular. 

'What was that, my dear' The Doctor said looking up. 

'Oh nothing, just me thinking out loud' 

They were stood in the control room of the Tardis. The Doctor had explained it all to Sarah Jane when they first met. From the outside it looked like a Police Box.Inside it was huge containing many rooms, so many in fact that Sarah Jane had never visited them all. Even the Doctor was a little vague as to how many there were. Sarah Jane hadn't understood the science behind it, sometimes she doubted the Doctor really did. However this box allowed them to travel not just in space, but through time as well. 

The Doctor was an oddball type character, thought Sarah Jane. He was a timelord. If she remembered quickly he came from the planet Gallifrey. He wandered around time stopping trouble. Yes, trouble seemed to follow him around. 

'Have you found out why the children have been disappearing ?' she asked. 

'Not yet, there seems to be an  abnormal amount of Z energy in these parts though. Not seen quite a high level since ….' the Doctor paused in mid speech looking into nothing.' could it be......?' 

One of the maddening things about the Doctor was that sometimes he'd start to say something, then in a flash he'd be off on another tangent. 

'Z energy, what's that ?' Sarah Jane asked. 

'Ah, Z energy. You usually see it in populations where there's a lot of psychic activity. I remember once on Palatin. A group of shape-shifters were manipulating the local population. Z waves everywhere.' 

'Oh those Z waves' Sarah Jane said mockingly, ' can you find out where it's coming from' 

'Maybe, I think we'll go out and look' he said making his way to the door, 'coming?' 

Here we go again thought Sarah Jane.  

'K9, where are you ?' 

A door at the opposite side of the control room opened and a robotic dog came gliding along the floor. It had small radar dishes for ears. 

'Mistress' said the metallic voice of K9. 

'Come on K9, the Doctors bound to need our help.' 

K9 followed Sarah Jane out of the Tardis.

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