Little Miss Riding Hood

A Fourth Doctor Who story: There's wolves abroad in Stockby. Can Sinead save the day or will she need help from Mr Smith and his journalist friend Sarah Jane ?



9. At Grandma's House

Slowly the Doctor and his companions approached the back of the water sports centre. Compared with the rest of the countryside there was a distinct chill in the air which permeated through the atmosphere around the hut. It may have been the presence of the deep water nearby, but Sinead felt distinctly chilled. 

Graffiti adorned the walls of the boards up centre. Red paint scrawls on the side proclaimed so many young romances. Sinead glance at one, partly scrubbed out that read Jake loves Sinead. He had a different view than me of love, she thought. She shivered at the memory. They edged around the side of the building avoiding piles of fasces that were piled up in large mounds. The smell was horrific. They held their noses until they reached the front of the building. A large open space spread out between the building and the launch ramp that led to the water. It was eerily empty. 

'K9, can you tell me where the lifeforms are?' the Doctor whispered. 

'Affirmative Master', K9 said, 'The alien and the humans are in the building.' 

The Doctor stood up and scanned the surrounding area with his sonic screwdriver. He seemed to be paying particular attention to the expanse of water. 

'What have you noticed Doctor?' Sarah Jane asked. 

'Not sure, the z waves appear to emanate from under the water. I wonder if the aliens spacecraft is hidden there.' 

At that moment the large wolf appeared at the door of the abandoned building. It was far larger than any wolf Sinead had ever seen. It stood at least four feet tall, its eyes red as blood. The Doctor slowly raised his screwdriver in the direction of the animal. 

'Ah, I sense you're not quite what you seem to be,'the Doctor said 

The wolf tensed up and raised its snout up. 

'I know who you are' it snarled. It's voice was this unearthly sound. Sinead took a step backwards 

'It's speaking English' she whispered to Sarah Jane. 

'Probably not, its' the Tardis translating, although it only usually does its for its occupants. You must be special' Sarah Jane replied. 

'And who am I' the Doctor replied. 

'You're a Time Lord, but you won't stop my plans' 

'Who are you, Vasgard ?' the Doctor replied stepping forward. 

'Ah very good Time Lord, You must forgive me if I don't take my natural state.' 

'That might be advisable, the Vasgard are one of the most ugly races around' the Doctor bantered. 

'That is why we developed the ability to shapeshiftThis way we can blend into life on other planets. It's something we have had to do since the Daleks destroyed our planet' 

'Ah yes a rather regrettable event. Why are you here on this planet. Vasgard aren't known for being on their own, but you appear to be on your on' 

'My matewas captured in an encounter on Falisk. I have travelled alone for a number of years before arriving on this little planet.' 

'So why have you been taking these young people?' the Doctor posed 

'Ah, that's simple. I'll fill my ship with these puny lifeforms, they are so easy to bend to my will. If I bring enough of them to Falisk I'll be able to trade them for my mate.' 

'And what do they do with them?' the Doctor asked 

The Vasgard raised it's head to the skies and a laugh came from it's snout. 

'They are tasty apparently' 

Sinead gasped and stepped forward. 

'I want Sarah back, you're not taking her' she said 

'Ah, you are a feisty one,' the Vasgard said, ''I'm getting bored with this now.' 

The Vasgard let rip a howl that was blood curdling' 

The Doctor and his companions looked around them to see that they were now surrounded by the six wolves. The wolves stood in a circle snarling at them. 

'Number 6, take them out' the Vasgard snarled.

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