Little Miss Riding Hood

A Fourth Doctor Who story: There's wolves abroad in Stockby. Can Sinead save the day or will she need help from Mr Smith and his journalist friend Sarah Jane ?



6. Another Missing

Sinead left her house the next morning to the news that another young person had gone missing. She was anxious to get to school to find out if she knew who it was. Her mother had hugged her on the doorstep, in two minds about whether to let her go. Sinead pulled her red hoodie over her head as she wandered down to the end of the road. Passing the Police Box she turned up the gennel. She speeded up keeping her eyes down on the ground, wanting to get through this vile place as quickly as possible. 

In her haste to exit the alley she didn't notice the figure of Sarah Jane just ahead of her. 

Bang, she ran into the back of her before she realised there was anyone there. 

She fell backwards onto her rear with a cry. 

Sarah Jane helped her to her feet, brushing her down. The next minute, the used condom fell out of the bush and landed at her feet, exactly where her head had been a minute ago. Sinead shivered at the thought. 

'Why are you in such a hurry?' Sarah Jane asked. 

Sinead looked both ways up the gennel anxious to get out of this hellhole. Sarah Jane saw the discomfort in her expression and guided her up the alley towards the school. When they were out of the alleyway, Sinead looked at Sarah Jane. 

'So how do you know Mr Smith?'Sinead asked 

'Oh the Doctor?' Sarah Jane answered, 'We're friends, travelling around. We always seem to land in some sort of trouble though' 

'Are you and he …?' Sinead let the question hang in the wind 

'Oh no', Sarah said, 'he's a really nice man but he's never shown much interest that way. He's a gentleman' 

Sinead sensed there was more Sarah Jane wanted to say. Sarah Jane had that wistful look in her eye. She thought about saying something but her mind was still distracted by last nights events. She thought she could trust Sarah Jane and thought about telling her what had happened. 

'Is something up?' Sarah Jane said stopping at the school gates. 

'Well, it's nothing really. I just saw something weird last night.' Sinead said. She was nervous and stroking the ends of her red hair under her hoodie. 

Sarah Jane stood still waiting for Sinead to talk. She felt that Sinead wanted to tell her something. At that moment Mai came up to them and threw her arms around Sinead.  

'Isn't it terrible, Jake has gone missing' Mai said. 

So it was Jake who'd gone missing last night, Sinead thought. Jake was in their year. He wasn't the most charismatic of boys but he wasn't a total lowlife as well. Sinead had even had a date with him once. She however shuddered at the memory. His wandering hands had brought a swift end to that relationship. She hated to think ill of Jake, now he'd disappeared but he was a bit of a sleezebag. 

'I'll be in the library if you want to talk' Sarah Jane said. She realised that the girls needed room to talk. 

Sarah Jane waved goodbye as she went up the stairs into the school. 

'Are you OK?' Mai asked worried at the look of her friend,' I know you liked Jake, but I thought you'd gone off him' 

'Oh, it's not Jake. I have no feelings for him. I really miss Sarah though' Sinead said. For a moment she thought she'd be alright but the emotion of losing Sarah got too much for her. She collapsed into Mai's shoulder, the tears going in large gulping floods. All the emotion of the last week came out. Sarah had been her best friend since childhood and they were like sisters. Mai allowed her to lean against her and hugged her as she sobbed. People kept passing them all the time going into school, So many people had gone missing in Stockby that sights like this were commonplace. A few patted Sinead on the back. After a few minutes Sinead's tears stopped, but she still hung to Mai. By now the bell had gone and the approach to school was empty. 

'Come on' Mai said, 'tell me what's really up' 

Sinead related everything that had happened the night before. She explained about the wolf that she saw in the garden. How it had looked into her eyes.  

'It was so weird, I didn't think it would have hurt me if I'd have gone into the garden with it. It was as though it was searching me out for something. If it comes back tonight I'll go out' Sinead said.

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