Teenage Kings

As a new student at HBHS (Huntington Beach High School), Kaylynn is trying to make a new start. Despite her belief, making new friends isn't that hard for her. She meets three boys who are eager to be her friend. But as her social life rises, she realizes that there are many more meanings to the word "like" when it comes to boys. Crushes, let-downs, drama, and cat fights. This will be a school year she will never forget.


2. Chapter Two

    The rest of the school day went by in a blur. Keaton was in a few of my classes. He and I both took algebra 2 and Chemistry together.

    At the end of the school day I was having trouble opening up my locker. Keaton must have seen my struggle because he has just walked over to me. "Having trouble?" he asked with a chuckle as he leaned against the row of lockers. 

     I nodded my head and blushed feeling a bit embarrassed. "Yeah just a bit."

     Keaton laughed a bit "Step aside and give me a try." I stepped out of his way and within seconds he had my locker open and I hadn't given him my combination. 

     "How did you..." I began to ask but he cut me off. 

    "Well because this is my locker." He laughed a bit.

    I was so embarrassed. I felt like a huge idiot. "Oh my god. I'm so stupid. I'm so sorry." I blushed deeply looking down to the floor unable to meet his look into my eyes. 

     "Nah Kay, you're not stupid, you're just new." He said with a smile as he put his books into his locker. 

     I looked up and then down to the slip of paper with my locker number on it. Its said 3430 not 3432.  I opened my locker and put my supplies away. Keaton waited for me seeing as though we were all going to hang out anyways. We walked out together and he asked me a few things feeling curious about my background. I told him I moved here to Huntington Beach California because my mother found a good job here. I told him I was originally from the east coast and that I thought he was cute. Well yeah, that part slipped out. 

    Keaton chuckled and looked at me "Well that's a first." 

    I gave him a perplexed look as we continued on the walk to his house. "Oh please I'm sure you get that from all the girls." 

    Keaton shook his head still smiling. "Nah, I sort of live in Wesley's shadow. He gets all of the girls." He shrugged his shoulders and held onto the strap of his backpack. 

     I chuckled and nudged him. "Well I think you're much cuter than him." I smiled.

     Keaton laughed a bit "Well thanks." 

     We walked in silence for a while. "Hey Keats, what did Wesley mean when he said I needed a puff?" I asked turning my head to look at him.

    Keaton chuckled and looked back at me. "You really don't know?" He raised an eyebrow.

     I nodded. "Is it like a calming exhale, or like another word for taking a deep breath?" I asked. I seriously had no idea. 

    Keaton sighed and cackled a bit. "Puffing is another way to say smoking weed. So Wes was implying that you needed to smoke some weed to calm down. It was a bad joke so just don't listen to him anymore." 

     "Oh, um, okay." 

     "You seem like an in-" He started to say but I stopped him.

     "Yeah yeah yeah I know, I'm innocent." I rolled my eyes. I was already starting off the year as a goody two shoes again. I don't want that clean reputation anymore. I'm reinventing myself this year. "But that doesn't mean I can't change." 

     Keaton stopped walking and looked at me. "No, Kaylynn, please. Stay just the way you are. I like you this way. Smoking weed isn't cool. It gets addicting. Be who you are and everyone will like you for that. Nobody likes a wannabe."

     Okay so scratch that. Let's be good again. 

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