Teenage Kings

As a new student at HBHS (Huntington Beach High School), Kaylynn is trying to make a new start. Despite her belief, making new friends isn't that hard for her. She meets three boys who are eager to be her friend. But as her social life rises, she realizes that there are many more meanings to the word "like" when it comes to boys. Crushes, let-downs, drama, and cat fights. This will be a school year she will never forget.


12. Chapter Twelve

     I had fallen asleep on the couch that night and slept away my morning. I was awoken by my ringing cell-phone, it was Wesley calling. I looked at the time to see it was exactly noon, I had totally forgotten about my coffee plans with him. I answered his call sleepily.


     "Hey Kaylynn, it's me. I'm here." From the sound of his voice, I could tell he was smiling. 

     "I'm so sorry Wes, I just woke up. Just let me get ready real quick. I promise I won't take too long. Why don't you just come in and wait." I felt horrible, I didn't mean to sleep this late. I should have set an alarm. 

     "No, it's fine. Don't feel bad." He chuckled some what. "But yeah, I'll come in and wait." 

     I opened the door letting him in and guided him to the couch. He looked around the room as he took in the scenery. It wasn't much of a living room, it only held the basics such as a television and a couch.  My mother and I didn't have many things. 

     "I'll only be a few minutes." I said as I opened the door to my room.

     He sat on the couch and laid back, making himself at home. "Take your time, really." He smiled at me. 

     I smiled back and went into my room, shutting my door behind me. I brushed my hair, tying it up, and changed as fast as I could. I walked ot of my room ready to go with my phone and my wallet in no more than five minutes later. Wesley looked at me with a chuckle, he kind of looked surprised.

     "Well, that was, that was quick." He laughed.

     "Well, I did say I wouldn't take long." I replied giving him a perplexed look. 

     "Oh, well yeah. It's just that normally when girls say they are going to be right out, it takes them about 3 hours." He stood to his feet and pulled up his sagging shorts.

     I slipped my feet into my flip flops. "Well that's because most girls have to curl their hair, and do their makeup. I don't really care much for primping and dressing up. As cliche as it may sound, I'm not like most girls." 

     Wesley smiled and laughed a bit. "I know, I think that's why I like you." He said with an enticing smile and wink as he walked out the door. 

    I chuckled and followed him out to his car.

     We arrived at the cafe moments later. Wesley ordered our drinks and swatted my hand away before I could get out my wallet, he had insisted that he had to pay. He handed me my latte as we walked to our table. As we sat down, we both took a sip out of our drinks. Wesley smiled looking over the brim of his cup and raising his eyebrows up slightly.  I swallowed and put my drink down with a laugh.

     "So tell my about yourself." He smiled holding his coffee in his hand. 

     "Well, what do you want to know?" I asked taking a small sip.

    "Everything." He said with a cheeky smile. He laughed shortly after with his smile still glued to his lips, it was adorable.

     "Okay," I laughed a bit "Well, I moved here last weekend, all the way from Rhode Island. Um, my father still lives there, thank God. And, uh, I really don't know what else to say." I laughed again.

     Wesley laughed with me. "Tell me more about your father. Do you not like him or something?" His smile fell as I looked my eyes away from his. "Or, I mean, if you don't feel comfortable talking to me about something like that I would totally understand." 

     I chuckled and looked back up to him, smiling faintly. "No, it's alright. It's not a secret or anything. My father and my mother were happily married for about twenty years, and he cheated on my mother. Now normally if a husband cheats on his wife the first time, they build a bridge and they get over it. But my mom, the poor soul," I shook my head a bit. "she walked in on him getting down with another man."

     Wesley looked at me with that same caring look Keaton had given me the night of the bonfire. "Wow, that's," He paused for a bit. "that's harsh. I'm sorry I brought that up." 

     I shrugged and took another sip of my drink. "Don't sweat it, it's fine." 

     We sat in silence for a while. Wesley scratched the back of his head as he started to feel awkward. He spoke up moments later. "My parents divorced too. My mom re-married a few times. It was hard, but I mean, I wasn't born until her, um, second or third husband I think. I mean divorce sucks and all, but in the long run, it makes us stronger." He spoke nervously.

     I nodded my head a bit but looked down again. "How long is it going to take until I start getting stronger, because I'm tired of feeling alone, and weak, and desperate." 

     Wesley reached his hand across the table and lifted my chin so that he could look his endearing eyes into mine. "Soon, I promise you. You're here now and you can start over and move on. Things are getting better, just give it time." He smiled so gently that I believed every word that escaped his lips. We sat there, frozen in our place. Wesley, with his on mine and his face only inches away. Our gaze in each other's eyes stayed strong. He moved in closer to me, until the table became an obstacle and stopped him only a lip stretch away. 

     It was my choice now. I knew this was meant to be a kiss, but did I want to give my first away to Wesley, The boy who deliberately stuffed a bong in my face not too long ago? That was in the past though, he apologized and I had accepted it, which meant I could no longer hold it against him. However, there were so many other reasons to why I shouldn't kiss him. First off being that I don't even know how to kiss. Second reason being that I hardly know Wesley. Why was I hesitating? Who else would ever want to kiss me? Keaton was out of the picture now, I have to move on. I have to stop making excuses and start taking risks. This move was meant for me to start over, and that's what I am going to do.

      I leaned closer and kissed him. 

     He kissed me back with a slight smile, making his lips tight and more of a struggle to kiss. Despite my zero experience in lip smacking, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. It came natural to me. He pulled away a moment later with a prude-like apology. 

     "I'm sorry." He said with a devilish grin. He licked his lips, looking back to me. Nothing in his eyes suggested he meant it, but it didn't bother me at all.

     I shrugged smiling, my cheeks felt warm, I must have been blushing. "I kissed back so it's not really anything worth apologizing for." 

     He winked and then looked to the table with a laugh, and then back to me. "You're blushing. Was that you're first?" He asked already knowing the answer. I nodded and smiled. "Well it was a privilege to steal the virginity from your lips." He laughed and shook his head. "That sounded way better in my head." I couldn't help but to giggle. He sat back in his seat as I did. "Hey, so uh, do you maybe want to go back to my place for a bit?" He asked, motioning to the exit.

     "Depends," I laughed. "are we going to kiss more?" I didn't really mean it as a serious question, it was more of a joke than anything else. 

     "Well, I mean, if that's what you want to do, but I was thinking we could watch a movie on Netflix or rock out on Guitar Hero." He laughed.

     I smiled and laughed again. "That sounds lovely."

    Wesley smiled his impeccable smile again. "And if i's not asking too much, I'd really like to do something like this again. Maybe something more, first-date worthy?" He looked at me pleadingly.

     "Of course." I chuckled. "Why not?" Although Wesley wasn't my first choice, I don't think I would mind being with him. Things felt as though they were moving kind of fast, but maybe this is what I needed. Maybe I needed something like this to get over my 'secret' crush on Keaton. 

     Wesley smiled and we abandoned our half-full coffees, making our way to his car.

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