Teenage Kings

As a new student at HBHS (Huntington Beach High School), Kaylynn is trying to make a new start. Despite her belief, making new friends isn't that hard for her. She meets three boys who are eager to be her friend. But as her social life rises, she realizes that there are many more meanings to the word "like" when it comes to boys. Crushes, let-downs, drama, and cat fights. This will be a school year she will never forget.


10. Chapter Ten

     I awoke feeling happy a few days later. It was Friday, which meant there would be no school tomorrow. Even with the stress and anxiety I felt toward the whole Keaton and Sabrina drama, the up coming weekend washed it all away. It has been three days and still Keaton had not asked Sabrina out. Maybe he wasn't going to do it. Maybe he'd chicken out and then I'd have more time for him to get to know me better, and possible fall in love with me.

    I walked into school and grabbed books from my locker. I heard the sound of feet running towards me. I turned to see Keaton smiling wide with excitement.

     "I did it! Kaylynn! I asked her out and she said yes! She loved the song and, oh my gosh I owe this all to you! Thank you for helping me!" He was talking so fast but I heard every word he said. 

     So maybe the weekend wouldn't be enough to help me get over this. I forced a smile and tried to play it off cool. "Well, you're welcome. I'm happy things worked out."

     He smiled wider. "She kissed me!" 

     My heart stopped beating, his words wrapped tightly around my heart squeezing it until I felt my breath slipping away. I swallowed hard. "Well, that's great."  Was all I could manage to let fall from my mouth.

     "I know right!" He cheered. The bell rang and echoed through the halls. "Well, I'll see you in Algebra!" He smiled and danced away.

     I shut my locker and watched him walk away. So this is it then? He really would never be mine. Sabrina had won. 

   The rest of the school day went on excruciatingly slow. Keaton was too busy day dreaming in Algebra to talk to me at all. I walked home alone. I plopped down on my couch feeling much better in my own house. At least here I would be left alone to wander and ponder my own thoughts.

     Thank God it's Friday.

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