Teenage Kings

As a new student at HBHS (Huntington Beach High School), Kaylynn is trying to make a new start. Despite her belief, making new friends isn't that hard for her. She meets three boys who are eager to be her friend. But as her social life rises, she realizes that there are many more meanings to the word "like" when it comes to boys. Crushes, let-downs, drama, and cat fights. This will be a school year she will never forget.


17. Chapter Seventeen

    She stood there Wednesday afternoon. She kept staring me down. I swallowed hard irritating the nervous lump in my throat. She made her way over to me. Her face was raged and red. Her jaw was clenched. She stood before me.

     "Carly?" I asked. I didn't know what else to say, or why she was coming over to me so furiously.

     "You have some fucking nerve." She muttered. 

     I took a small step back as I clutched my book in my hands tighter. "What did I do?" 

    "You can't just waltz into a new school and take everything away from me." She grumbled. "Wesley was mine before you came here and I want him back."

     "Carly I'm sorry but I don't want to leave him. I really like Wesley." What else was I supposed to say? She was being a bit immature about this. 

     She sarcastically laughed. "You don't even know him, skank. I know everything about him. I know who he really is, and I know it's only going to be a matter of time before he leaves your good-girl ass and comes back to the kind of girl he really likes. You're just his little experiment. You'll see." She smiled deviously, but it seemed like she was only saying this to reassure herself that things would soon go back to their old ways. She didn't seem to believe her own words, and I could tell by the sullen look in her eye. " Just leave him or you're going to have to deal with me."

     I shook my head. "I'm sorry. I have a date so I'm gonna go. I'll see you around or something." With saying that, I walked away and started my walk to Wesley's house. I had promised I'd watch their band practice today.

     Laraine let me in and I made my way down to the recording studio. I found five boys laid on the floor. The room stunk of weed and smoke. I coughed as I breathed in the fumes. Wesley smiled and stood to his feet. He walked over and kissed my cheek. His eyes were red and squinted. He was obviously high. 

    "Hello baby." He smiled so very sloppily and wrapped his arms around me. His hands made their way to my ass and gave it a tight squeeze. "How ya' doing?"

    I gently pushed him away. "I've been better." I replied. I coughed again. "Is this what you guys always do before you practice."

    Drew took another puff from the bong and blew out the smoke as he shook his head. "Only when we write, which is what we are doing today."  

     Wesley continued to smirk before me. He swayed slowly from side to side. "Being high helps us be more creative." He giggled. 

     "Oh." Was all I replied. I looked around, even Kyle and Kenny were stoned. Keaton laid with his back against the bottom of the couch. Drew sat beside him with the bong still in his hands. 

     Drew looked up at me and then looked to Wesley. "So should we get to writing?" 

    Wesley turned from me to Drew and nodded his head a few times. He took my hand and pulled me to his lap as he sat on the couch. He wrapped his arms around me. Drew stood and grabbed a notepad and pen. Keaton took his guitar. Kenny took out a bongo type drum and Kyle just laid back looking totally stoned. 

     Wesley twirled his finger in small circles on my thigh. "So we need to write something new. Something that hasn't been written about before."

    The boys nodded in agreement. "I was thinking we could write about love from a new aspect." Drew suggested as he clicked his pen repeatedly. 

     The boys all nodded again. 

     "Well what about we write about a crush?" Keaton laughed for no reason.

     Wesley shook his head. "Naw bro, that's way to cliche." He rubbed my thigh slowly. I began to feel uncomfortable. I hated when Wesley was high. I moved his hand away.

     Drew bit the end of the pen deep in thought. "No, wait, Keaton could be on to something here. We could write about a crush, maybe in like a guys point of view. It could be about a girl who is crazy obsessed over a guy and he has no interest in her!  Keaton you're brilliant!" Drew smiled. 

     Keaton smiled proudly. "Damn fucking right I am." 

   We all laughed. Drew continued his brain storming. "I already have an awesome idea for when the beat drops. Kenny, bust me a slow beat. Kenny began to create a slow rhythm on his drum. Drew took a breath. "Look girl, you're beautiful and all. Don't see a single flaw, so don't get me wrong. You got things, that most guys look for, but.... I'm just not into you." He smiled to himself. 

   I smile and clapped. "I love it." Wesley took my hands and held them smiling. I smiled back at him then looked to Drew.

     "Kaylynn is really good with lyrics herself, maybe she could help us write this." Keaton smiled at me and then looked to his guitar. He tapped his fingers on its body. 

     "Yeah, we could use a girl's help with this song. Men have no idea what goes on in the female mind, so maybe you could help us with that." Drew chuckled. 

     I smiled and shrugged. "That's cool, yeah I'd love to help." Wesley buried his smile into the nape of my neck. 

     We spent the rest of our time writing. I helped with a lot of it. Drew and I were the only ones who did any of the writing. The others were much too high to function. We called the song Not Into You, it was the best we could come up with.

     Drew is a pretty cool dude.

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