Doctor Who

Doctor Who fan fiction


2. The doctor

"Bye Emily" I called to my sister, "see you tonight" 

"Bye" she replied. 

I ran out of the door, only to hear a strange whooshing noise coming from behind me I turned around as a man popped his head out of a old blue public police phone box. 

The man was wearing a dark brown suit, with a dark brown bow-tie. His hair was brown and gelled. He had green eyes.

"hello," he said to me, "what's your name?"

"Maisie" I replied "what's your name?"

"hello Maisie I'm The Doctor and I'm very pleased to meet you!" 

"You too" I replied.

"I need to get to school now" I told him.

"I'll give you a lift" 

"thanks" I said gratefully 

"hop in"

I thought he was going mad! He was asking me to in a police box to school. Though something told me I should follow him in.

i walked in and it was bigger in the inside! 



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