Sami is about a little girl who dreams about travelling the world with her teddy Mr Monkey. As she grows up, her dream fades away but when she gets a high-pay job, she believes it may come true.


2. The Reality

Ten Years Later

Sami woke with a start, she was a typical 15 year old girl who hated being woken up. Although some people might say that she wasn't ordinary because she already had a job which she enjoyed. The strange thing is she was saving for a round the world trip, the one she had dreamed about, in her sleep, 10 years earlier.


For three years now Sami had been saving for her trip so when her eighteenth birthday came her parents gave her the most magical gift: a round the word cruise for two...

She was confused by this as she didn't know who person number two was going to be. Could it be one of her parents? - No they wouldn't do that, could it be one of her friends? No, she didn't have many of those. Suddenly it clicked, her travelling partner was... Mr Monkey! The confusing thing was that Mr Monkey was a teddy... Wasn't he?


*Elsie 10*

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