Sami is about a little girl who dreams about travelling the world with her teddy Mr Monkey. As she grows up, her dream fades away but when she gets a high-pay job, she believes it may come true.


1. The Dreams

It all started when Sami, a sweet and imaginative 5 year old girl, went upstairs at 7:00pm as it was her bedtime. Sami went to bed thinking of a trip around world as she snuggled up with Mr Monkey - her teddy that she'd had forever. She dreamt about her holiday all night long, thinking of all the places that she and Mr Monkey would go on, one day.


This dream was different. More of a nightmare. She was on a desert island, alone, she didn't even have Mr Monkey. She looked around her and saw a small boat not too far in the distance, bobbing on the top of the bright blue waves. She walked towards it, but instead of walking, she found herself floating slightly above the ground. Sami hovered towards the boat and sat on the middle slat. She reached for the oars and started rowing in the direction of the beautiful red sunset. The boat rocked up onto the shore and Sami got out, she felt the cool water touch her toes but they weren't getting wet, the sun was glaring down upon her and she had to squint to see around. She walked up on to the sand and looked around a little before seeing a blue figure perched upon the sand... Mr Monkey! Sami ran towards her beloved teddy and hugged it tightly. As she closed her eyes, she felt herself being taken from the dry desert island and back to her soft bed.


As Sami woke up again, she stretched out her arms and sat up. She turned around in her bed and poked her toes out the side, her toes touched her slippers and she slipped her feet into them. She pulled her dressing gown over her shoulders and grabbed Mr Monkey before tiptoeing downstairs to get a drink.



Hey Guys! Although I'm co-authoring I thought I might start the book off. If you like Harry Potter then be sure to check out my first ever Movella - A Werewolf at Hogwarts.*

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