Sami is about a little girl who dreams about travelling the world with her teddy Mr Monkey. As she grows up, her dream fades away but when she gets a high-pay job, she believes it may come true.


3. Birthday Gifts

It was Sami's 18th birthday and she had just received what she thought was the best gift anyone could ask for - a round the world trip. She had opened the small envelope that held two tickets and put on a confused look, her parents must of seen her facial expression.

"Sami," Her mum said softly. "What's up?"

"Nothing, just why are there two tickets?" She questioned.

"Well," Her dad started.

"You can't leave without Kiki." Her mum finished as her dad walked out the room.

"Who?" Sami interrupted.

"Here she is!" Sami's dad said excitedly as he handed her a covered cage. She took it gratefully and pulled off the sheet... A monkey! A real-life monkey! She immediately opened cage's door and put her hand in, the monkey took it and walked out. Kiki looked up to Sami and smiled a toothy smile before climbing Sami's back and sitting on her shoulders, she took Sami's hair band out and started to plough her way through Sami's hair. She was in fits of giggles, as she thanked her parents for everything they had gotten her, including Kiki. Sami wondered if the monkey knew her name yet, so she tested it out.

"Kiki," She said. "Down." The monkey jumped down from her shoulders and waited at her feet for Sami to get up, she lifted her arm up and held onto Sami's hand. Sami thanked her parents again and took Kiki up to her room.


Today was great! Well, the second bit of today was anyway. Two friendly people had come to get me from my home and taken me in a thing with wheels to another home. I was asked nicely to go into a cage, which I didn't like, and be quiet, which I didn't like even more! But I did as I was told and waited. It wasn't too long before the short haired one came and got me again, he took me into another room and handed me to his infant. She took off the cover and squeeled with happiness, she opened the cage and let me out straight away... I liked her! She let me sit on her back for a bit then she took me to her treehouse!


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