Maybe It's the Way He Walked

I walked through the double doors of our old and musty high school, i listened to the sound of my heavy combat boots against the tile flooring that needed repairing. I walked up to my locker and slowly put the combination in. I opened it with a creak as i slung my book bag off i my shoulder and into my locker. A "Populars" walked up to me and put his hand against the locker next to mine. "Hey, babe, can i take you home with me tonight?" He says smirking. I laugh, and stair into his green eyes. "Never in your wildest dreams," I say returning the smirk. "C'mon, Violet," Harry calls after me, giving me a sarcastic pouty tone.

I laugh and throw my head back as i walk into Brit. History.


2. Will you?

      I looked down at the note and then back at Harry, i gulped and looked down at my shoes again. 

     The bell rang dismissing me from my conflict. I had gone to my locker to get my math book and Harry walked up behind me, putting his hands on my waist. 
"Harry, what-" he spun me around making our lips meet. I heard people whistle as they walked by. I didn't try to stop it, but i didn't encourage it either. He stopped and looked me in the eyes.
"Violet," he breathed, "I need that answer," he said bringing back the smirk. 

     Butterflies were once again performing acrobatics in my stomach, my heart was pounding in my chest. 
"Harry, I-" i was cut off again by one i Harry's friends coming up to him. 

"Have you asked her yet mate?" Louis, Harry's friend asked. 
"Shut it Lou," Harry said glaring at him, making it obvious that he was interrupting something. 
"Oh, uh, sorry," he awkwardly bowed out. 
"You can talk now," Harry says with a half smile. 
"Okay, Harry, look, i like you, I do, but, i just, i don't know," I say looking at my scuffed black combat boots. 
"You just said you liked me, come on, babe," he whines playfully. 
"Look, it's not a matter of liking you, it's a matte of getting my heart broken," I say as i let out a breath. 

        I can see him sink down a little. I take a deep breath. This thought is rattling around in my brain. I may like him but i can't get my heart broken again. 

       I sigh one more time. He looks at me, this time with a straight face. "Look, i know many girls at this school see me as a player, but the thing is. I like you, I really do, an babe, if you like me back then why not take a chance?" He says ending the sentence with a smile revealing his gorgeous dimples. 

      "Ok, Harry, when and where?" I ask trying to hold in my excitement. 
      "I'll pick you up at your place on saturday night at six, we're going to go to dinner and a movie, wear something nice," he says as he walks away.

     I lean against my locker thinking it over an over. Had i made the right decision? I sigh and walk into math.


      After almost an hour of listening to the teacher talk about math crap, the bell finally dismissed us and i ran to my car. Before i could reach, i hand the was utterly family was draped over my shoulder. "Remember, tomorrow at six," he said grinning. 

    I got to my blue Mini Cooper and shoved the keys into the ignition and pulled away.

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