Story of My Love Life

Chelsea is just your average girl. She is smart, funny, and a complete dork. But, when a special, curly-haired new kid catches her attention, she is nuts. An upcoming project brings Chelsea one step closer to love, and a special someone. Will they love each other, even through fame and fortune?


27. Torn

Harry's P.O.V.


A lot has happened. Louis stepped on a sea urchin, we have our first group performance today (if Louis shows up), and Chelsea is still a bit traumatized by the whole sea urchin thing. She just sits around and has wide eyes, mumbling to herself. 

Zayn, Niall, Liam, and I are waiting in front of the judges' house to see if Louis will come. There is a deep feeling in my stomach that he is not going to show up. It's bugging me a lot. "Harry, I am sure he is on his way now. Don't worry." Liam was trying to calm me down. I guess it was pretty noticeable how tense I was. 

As we were about to lose all hope, a car pulls up. There is a man, about 40, who got out of the driver's side. He opened up the passenger door, and out walks the familiar face we've been looking for. LOUIS! 

He hopped over to us, and we all hugged him. Thank gosh he showed up! I thought we were going to be ruined. "Nice to see you, nice to see you." Louis was greeting us. We were all so happy that he was here, that we forgot the most important thing! Our performance! "Uh, guys..." They all looked at me. "Our performance..." They all were a bit embarrassed as we picked Louis up, and brought him around the back.

We were performing "Torn" and it sounded great! Once we were finished, Simon had a satisfied look on his face. "Wow, you boys are wonderful." That's a good sign! 




We were in! We made it! I am so overwhelmed right now! One Direction is moving on, and we are not going down!

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